List of protected heritage sites in Rouvroy, Belgium

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Rouvroy, Belgium. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

Church of Saint-Quentin (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy Montquintin 49°32′42″N 5°28′26″E / 49.544904°N 5.473813°E / 49.544904; 5.473813

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Kerk Saint-Quentin
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Ruins of castle Dampicourt (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy 49°32′44″N 5°28′22″E / 49.545587°N 5.472679°E / 49.545587; 5.472679

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Ruines van kasteel Dampicourt
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Entire site of Montquintin (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy 49°32′44″N 5°28′21″E / 49.545569°N 5.472382°E / 49.545569; 5.472382

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Gebied van Montquintin comprenant (gebied van bijzondere waarde)
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Manor farm of the castle (facades and roofs), all of the dovecote and the surrounding wall (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue du Château fort, n°12 49°32′41″N 5°28′23″E / 49.544774°N 5.472941°E / 49.544774; 5.472941

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Museum of Rural Life, historical museum (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy place Montseigneur de Hontheim 49°32′41″N 5°28′24″E / 49.544774°N 5.473380°E / 49.544774; 5.473380

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Museum van het Landelijk Leven, voorheen museum
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St. Martin's Church: tower (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy 49°32′18″N 5°29′29″E / 49.538307°N 5.491373°E / 49.538307; 5.491373

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farm (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue Péchières, n°6 49°30′33″N 5°28′25″E / 49.509174°N 5.473718°E / 49.509174; 5.473718

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Nature reserve of Raymond Mayné (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy 49°30′40″N 5°28′43″E / 49.511115°N 5.478620°E / 49.511115; 5.478620

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Ensemble of Chapel of Notre-Dame de Luxembourg, the refuge area (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue de l'Ermitage 49°30′32″N 5°28′56″E / 49.508798°N 5.482190°E / 49.508798; 5.482190

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Farm (facades and roofs) (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue de Mathon, n°21 49°33′15″N 5°29′59″E / 49.554305°N 5.499776°E / 49.554305; 5.499776

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Washing place (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue Grande 49°30′29″N 5°28′27″E / 49.508106°N 5.474168°E / 49.508106; 5.474168

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House (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy rue Jean, n°15 49°30′23″N 5°28′23″E / 49.506310°N 5.473180°E / 49.506310; 5.473180

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Area Montquintin (area of special value) (nl) (fr)
Rouvroy 49°32′44″N 5°28′21″E / 49.545569°N 5.472382°E / 49.545569; 5.472382

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Gebied van Montquintin (gebied van bijzondere waarde)

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]