List of protected heritage sites in Gouvy

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Gouvy. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

Church of Saint-Pierre (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Beho 50°13′14″N 5°59′50″E / 50.220648°N 5.997244°E / 50.220648; 5.997244

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Kerk Saint-Pierre
Chapel Saint Hubert et Antoine and the ensemble of thechapel, the cemetery and the rocky promontory on the road and the river to the south and west (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Wathermael-Beho 50°10′46″N 5°58′48″E / 50.179380°N 5.980129°E / 50.179380; 5.980129

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Kapel Sainte-Hubert-et-Antoine en het ensemble van de genoemde kapel, de begraafplaats en de rotsachtige voorgebergte aan de weg en de rivier naar het zuiden en westen
Ensemble of the chapel of Saint-Martin and the surrounding areas (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Bovigny 50°13′16″N 5°56′44″E / 50.221171°N 5.945466°E / 50.221171; 5.945466

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Church of St. Vincent (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Cherain 50°10′51″N 5°51′55″E / 50.180950°N 5.865350°E / 50.180950; 5.865350

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Kerk Saint-Vincent
The walls of the cemetery of the Church of St. Vincent in Cherain, whose church is classified by Royal Decree of 26 September 1947, and the buildings on the square, place de Cherain and the ensemble of buildings and surrounding areas, including the Cemetery Cherain (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°10′52″N 5°51′55″E / 50.181110°N 5.865315°E / 50.181110; 5.865315

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Building (nl) (fr)
Gouvy rue de l'Eglise n°3, Gouvy 50°11′06″N 5°56′33″E / 50.184976°N 5.942619°E / 50.184976; 5.942619

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Organs of the church of the Saints Pierre et Paul (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Steinbach 50°08′41″N 5°54′06″E / 50.144713°N 5.901734°E / 50.144713; 5.901734

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Castle of Steinbach (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Gouvy 50°08′43″N 5°54′10″E / 50.145173°N 5.902712°E / 50.145173; 5.902712

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La Croix located on the road to Salm (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Gouvy 50°11′13″N 5°56′22″E / 50.186853°N 5.939538°E / 50.186853; 5.939538

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Chapel Notre-Dame de Lourdes, and the ensemble of the chapel and its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Baclain 50°11′31″N 5°51′50″E / 50.191919°N 5.863910°E / 50.191919; 5.863910

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Mill (facades, roofs and rooms with machinery), basketry Beaupain (facades and roofs), the old bridge of the mill, the range of the mill, including the valves, the waterfall, the wheel, the sealing tunnel Cierreux and the ensemble of this building and its environment (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°14′34″N 5°55′20″E / 50.242705°N 5.922120°E / 50.242705; 5.922120

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The rectory of the parish of Saint-Martin (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Gouvy 50°13′29″N 5°55′04″E / 50.224690°N 5.917744°E / 50.224690; 5.917744

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The walls of the cemetery and the road, and the ensemble of the cemetery and the road to the church (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Gouvy 50°13′14″N 5°59′49″E / 50.220542°N 5.996986°E / 50.220542; 5.996986

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Tower of the church of Saint-Martin, the surrounding wall around the cemetery and the ensemble of the building and its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Bovigny 50°13′29″N 5°55′05″E / 50.224794°N 5.918179°E / 50.224794; 5.918179

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Facades and roofs of the castle of Sterpigny, and the ensemble of the castle and its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°11′05″N 5°53′02″E / 50.184604°N 5.883964°E / 50.184604; 5.883964

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The southern part of the barn to Sterpigny of the castle, whose walls and roofs, and the old crucifix on the road were classified in the Executive Order of 16 June 1988 and the plot is an extension of the classified site with the executive decision of 16 June 1988 (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°11′04″N 5°53′03″E / 50.184335°N 5.884113°E / 50.184335; 5.884113

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Castle farm of mesnil: facades, roofs and entrance portal and the ensemble of these buildings and the surrounding areas (nl) (fr)
Gouvy rue du Centre 50°08′48″N 5°54′14″E / 50.146716°N 5.904010°E / 50.146716; 5.904010

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The facades, roof and the porch of the house Caprasse and doors, interior woodwork and staircase, the cobbled courtyard, the walls and roofs of the outbuildings and adjoining farm, with the surrounding walls, the pond and the formation of the eastern boundary of cadastral plot 1070 and the ensemble of these buildings and the surrounding areas (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°10′42″N 5°51′29″E / 50.178452°N 5.858133°E / 50.178452; 5.858133

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Totality of the chapel of Saint-Roch (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Renglez 50°10′03″N 5°53′05″E / 50.167570°N 5.884702°E / 50.167570; 5.884702

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North Wing Castle Steinbach (nl) (fr)
Gouvy Limerlé 50°08′43″N 5°54′10″E / 50.145338°N 5.902809°E / 50.145338; 5.902809

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The uniqueness of the buffet and the organ of the church of Saints Pierre et Paul (nl) (fr)
Gouvy 50°08′41″N 5°54′06″E / 50.144713°N 5.901734°E / 50.144713; 5.901734

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