List of protected heritage sites in Gesves

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Gesves. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.

The entrance portal of the old abbey Grandpre (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°25′07″N 5°01′02″E / 50.418642°N 5.017315°E / 50.418642; 5.017315

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Het ingangsportaal van de oude abdij Grandpré
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Church of Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°27′02″N 5°03′26″E / 50.450445°N 5.057279°E / 50.450445; 5.057279

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Chapel "Mont-Sainte-Marie," old church of Notre-Dame (nl) (fr)
Gesves Mozet 50°25′46″N 4°58′45″E / 50.429514°N 4.979031°E / 50.429514; 4.979031

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Kapel "Mont-Sainte-Marie", oude kerk Notre-Dame
Tower of farm Marchand called "Tour du Royer" (nl) (fr)
Gesves Rue de Loyers n°4 50°26′27″N 4°59′07″E / 50.440761°N 4.985400°E / 50.440761; 4.985400

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Toren van boerderij Marchand genaamd "Tour du Royer"
Facades and roofs of farm of the abbey of Grandpre (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°25′06″N 5°01′03″E / 50.418324°N 5.017630°E / 50.418324; 5.017630

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Gevels en daken van boerderij van de abdij van Grandpré
Facades and roofs of the old mill of the Abbey of Grandpre, and ensemble formed by the mill and its surroundings (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°25′08″N 5°01′04″E / 50.418927°N 5.017903°E / 50.418927; 5.017903

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Rochers de Roquimont (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°25′42″N 4°59′10″E / 50.428389°N 4.986197°E / 50.428389; 4.986197

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Ensemble of the rocks "Les Demoiselles" in the hamlet of Forges in the valley of the Samson (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°27′08″N 5°00′48″E / 50.452171°N 5.013349°E / 50.452171; 5.013349

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Rochers de Goyet (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°26′41″N 5°00′05″E / 50.444847°N 5.001439°E / 50.444847; 5.001439

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Ensemble of the church of Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel and the surrounding area (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°27′02″N 5°03′24″E / 50.450498°N 5.056713°E / 50.450498; 5.056713

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Castle Haltinne and the ensemble formed by the building and surrounding grounds (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°27′05″N 5°04′43″E / 50.451282°N 5.078519°E / 50.451282; 5.078519

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Kasteel van Haltinne en het ensemble gevormd door het gebouw en het omliggende terrein
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A portion of the channel of Samson in the buildings of the abbey of Grandpre (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°25′08″N 5°01′03″E / 50.418767°N 5.017469°E / 50.418767; 5.017469

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Part of the village Mozet (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°26′35″N 4°59′18″E / 50.443109°N 4.988433°E / 50.443109; 4.988433

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Een deel van het dorp Mozet
Facades, roofs and canals with the grand staircase of the castle of Haltinne (nl) (fr)
Gesves 50°27′05″N 5°04′43″E / 50.451282°N 5.078519°E / 50.451282; 5.078519

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]