List of presidents of the University of Virginia

The following is a list of presidents of the University of Virginia.

Presidents edit

Years President
1825–1904 No President [1]
1904–1931 Edwin Anderson Alderman
1931–1947 John Lloyd Newcomb
1947–1959 Colgate W. Darden Jr.
1959–1974 Edgar F. Shannon Jr.
1974–1985 Frank L. Hereford Jr.
1985–1990 Robert M. O’Neil
1990–2010 John T. Casteen III
2010–2018[2][3] Teresa A. Sullivan
2018– James E. Ryan

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  1. ^ In Thomas Jefferson's original plan the faculty, counseled by a Board of Visitors, governed the University. By the turn of the century, the school had grown larger and more complex, and the Visitors saw the need to appoint a president. When Woodrow Wilson, a University of Virginia law graduate yet to be president, declined the offer, they turned to Edwin Anderson Alderman, well known as an innovative educator in the South and a great orator across the nation. Alderman was inaugurated on Founder's Day, April 13, 1905. Within a year, Alderman had seen to the opening of a school of education at the University.
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