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List of places referred to as the Center of the Universe

Several places on Earth have been given the nickname "Center (or Centre) of the Universe." In addition, several fictional works have described a depicted location as being at the center of the universe.

Modern models of the Universe suggest it does not have a center, unlike previous systems which placed the Earth (geocentrism) or the Sun (heliocentrism) at the center of the universe.


Nicknames of actual placesEdit

North AmericaEdit

New York City and Times Square are nicknamed "the center of the universe"
Sign outside of the John B. Lindale House proclaiming Magnolia, Delaware as "the center of the universe around which the earth revolves"
  • John B. Lindale House in Magnolia, Delaware displays a sign proclaiming "This is Magnolia, the center of the universe around which the earth revolves".[6]
  • The center of the Great Dome on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • In Albuquerque, a large sculpted-hallway structure with short corridors aligned to north-south, east-west, and up-down, at the main campus of the University of New Mexico is known as "The Center of the Universe".
  • Wallace, Idaho lists the intersection of Bank and Sixth Streets in its historic downtown as the center of the universe after Mayor Ron Garitone stated that "Wallace MUST be the Center of the Universe because you can't PROVE otherwise."
  • A concrete circle at the apex of a rebuilt span of the old Boston Street Bridge between 1st and Archer Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is known as the "Center of the Universe". The spot produces an acoustical anomaly and it is for which the Center of the Universe Festival and Ms. Center of the Universe Pageant are named.
  • A site near Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada has been referred to as a spiritual "Centre of the Universe".[7]
  • Teotihuacan, in modern-day Mexico was considered the center of the universe by many Mesoamerican tribes, including the Aztecs, and was a model city for the later indigenous civilizations. It was called the "birthplace of the gods" and heavily influenced the region despite being abandoned for centuries.
  • Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle, WA
  • Philo Illinois, a small farming town near Champaign declares itself as The Center of The Universe on the town water tower
  • Bushkill, PA a small town adjacent to parcels of abandoned property for a proposed dam on the Delaware River that was never built.
  • Danielsville, PA often referred to as the center of the universe by many of its residents
  • Exeter, ON a community in the municipality of South Huron, in the southern portion of Huron County, Ontario, Canada, located approximately 50 kilometres north of London.
  • Ware Shoals, SC (reference the perception by residents of a staggeringly large number of amazing people who have come from or have a connection to the town). Also the site of the annual Catfish Feastival.
    • Country Corners



  • Perpignan (France) : Salvador Dali considered its train station as the center of the Universe[9]
  • Wolverhampton, UK : Sir Terry Wogan referred to Wolverhampton UK as the centre of the Universe because there, the bathwater goes straight down the plughole.


Plaque at the Space Flight Operations Facility of the Deep Space Network proclaiming the site to be the "center of the universe"


Depictions of a "center of the universe" in fiction include:


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