List of museums in Guyana

This is a list of museums in Guyana.

Guyana National Museum Company Path, Georgetown (opposite the Hibiscus Plaza and the Guyana Post Office
Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology 61 Main Street, North Cummings burg, Georgetown
Castellani House, National Gallery of Art Vlissengen Road & Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown
The Museum of African Heritage[1] 13 Barima Avenue, Bel Air Park
John Campbell Police Museum Headquarters of Guyana Police, Eve Leary Compound, Georgetown
The Rupununi Weavers Society Museum at Lethem Lethem
The Guyana Heritage Museum 17 Kastev, Meten Meer Zorg
The Philatelic Museum Robb and Savage Streets, Robbstown Georgetown
Dutch Heritage Museum Court of Policy building, Fort Island

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