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List of monastic houses in County Wicklow


In this article, smaller establishments such as monastic cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks) and camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers) are included. The numerous monastic hospitals per se are not included here unless at some time the foundation had, or was purported to have, the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptory/commandery.


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Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Formal name or dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Alternative names: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Monastic glossary: following the listing, provides links to articles on the particular monastic orders as well as other terms which appear in the listing.

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Alphabetical listing of establishmentsEdit

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Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Aghowle Monastery   early monastic site, founded by St Finnian of Clonard;
in existence 1017, erenaghs at least to 1050
52°45′51″N 6°36′17″W / 52.764260°N 6.604619°W / 52.764260; -6.604619 (Aghowle Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Arklow Abbey Cistercian monks — from Wyresdale;
founded before 1204;
dissolved 1205, transferred to Abington
Arklow Priory Dominican Friars
founded 1264 by Thomas Theobald fitz Walter, Pincerna (Butler) of Ireland, buried here;
dissolved 1539; granted to John Travers 1544
The Holy Cross
The True Cross

52°47′50″N 6°09′16″W / 52.797307°N 6.154470°W / 52.797307; -6.154470 (Arklow Priory)
Ballinabarny Friary ~ Franciscan Friars, First Order
founded before 1650
Ballykine Monastery early monastic site, purportedly founded by a brother of St Kevin;
private residence named Whaley Abbey built on site
Baile-coemgen 52°53′28″N 6°15′28″W / 52.891201°N 6.257716°W / 52.891201; -6.257716 (Ballykine Monastery)
Baltinglass Abbey   Cistercian monks — from Mellifont
founded 1148 by Dermot Mac Murrough;
briefly dependent on Furness 1277;
dissolved 1536; granted to Sir Edmond Butler 1536;
converted into a private house and Protestant church;
abandoned 1883; (NM)
Vallis Salutis
52°56′38″N 6°42′35″W / 52.943910°N 6.709697°W / 52.943910; -6.709697 (Baltinglass Abbey)
Bray Monastery early monastic house, bishops recorded Brae;
53°12′25″N 6°07′03″W / 53.207080°N 6.117503°W / 53.207080; -6.117503 (Bray Monastery (approx.)) (approx)
Delgany Carmelite Monastery Carmelite nuns [2][3]

53°08′06″N 6°05′32″W / 53.134938°N 6.092171°W / 53.134938; -6.092171 (Delgany Carmelite Monastery)
Delgany Monastery early monastic site, possibly founded by St Coemgen of Glendalough, or by (or for) St Mogoroc (Chuarog) Deilgne-mochorog;
53°07′58″N 6°05′34″W / 53.132719°N 6.092792°W / 53.132719; -6.092792 (Delgany Monastery)
Ennereilly Monastery early monastic site, founded before 639 Inber-daoille;
52°50′36″N 6°06′01″W / 52.843257°N 6.100163°W / 52.843257; -6.100163 (Ennereilly Monastery)
Ennisboyne Monastery early monastic site 52°55′29″N 6°02′27″W / 52.924646°N 6.040949°W / 52.924646; -6.040949 (Ennisboyne Monastery)
Ferrybank Abbey Cistercian monks [4]

52°48′00″N 6°08′59″W / 52.800134°N 6.149608°W / 52.800134; -6.149608 (Ferrybank Abbey)
Glendalough Cathedral and Monastery   early monastic site, founded 6th century by St Kevin (Coemgen);
diocesan cathedral 1111;
burned 1163;
Augustinian Canons Regular
abbeyfounded after 1163?;
merged with Dublin 1216;
Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
priory founded before 1306;
dissolved 1398?, burned by the English;
St Kevin
53°00′38″N 6°19′37″W / 53.010569°N 6.326949°W / 53.010569; -6.326949 (Glendalough Cathedral and Monastery)
St Saviour's Priory,
near Derrybawn
  Augustinian Canons Regular
dependent on Holy Trinity, Dublin;
purportedly founded before 1162? by St Laurence O'Toole;
Augustinian Canons RegularArroasian
reformed probably soon after 1163;
dependent on All Saints', Dublin from before 1216;
dissolved 1398
St Saviour Priory
53°00′28″N 6°18′44″W / 53.007871°N 6.312166°W / 53.007871; -6.312166 (St. Saviour's Monastery)
Killaird Monastery ~ early monastic site, nuns
Killodry Priory ~ Augustinian Canons Regular
cell, dependent on St Thomas's, Dublin;
foundation unknown;
possibly located in County Wicklow
dissolved 1539
Rathnew Monastery early monastic site, founded before 779, patronised by St Ernin Raithnua 52°59′36″N 6°04′47″W / 52.993261°N 6.079631°W / 52.993261; -6.079631 (Rathnew Monastery)
Shelton Abbey ^ now a state forestry school 52°48′58″N 6°11′26″W / 52.816058°N 6.190683°W / 52.816058; -6.190683 (Shelton Abbey)
Tigroney Monastery ø~ purported early monastic site, possibly founded by St Palladus
possibly non-monastic
52°51′45″N 6°12′25″W / 52.862569°N 6.207060°W / 52.862569; -6.207060 (Tigroney Monastery (poss.)) (possible)
Wicklow Friary   Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual
founded before 1268? (during the reign of Henry III);
Observant Franciscan Friars
reformed after 1521?;
dissolved c.1551; leased to Henry Harrington 1575
52°58′53″N 6°02′47″W / 52.981270°N 6.046263°W / 52.981270; -6.046263 (Wicklow Abbey)
Wicklow Priory Benedictine nuns
founded c.1448;
dissolved c.1470

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