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List of investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

Investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC lost billions of dollars in the Madoff investment scandal, a Ponzi scheme fraud conducted by Bernard Madoff. The amount missing from client accounts, over two thirds of which were fabricated gains, was almost $65 billion.[1] The court-appointed trustee Irving Picard estimated actual losses to investors of $18 billion, and much of that money has been returned.[2]

The 162-page list of clients (without investment amount), filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, was made public on February 4, 2009.[3][4][5] Some of the clients profited.[6] Thousands of individual investors of Fairfield Greenwich, J. Ezra Merkin's Ascot Partners, and Chais Investments are not included.[7]

Several newspapers and news services, including Bloomberg News, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, compiled lists of these investors during the first few months of the scandal, including fabricated gains in the amounts lost. These lists may include double-counting; for example, they may count investments by feeder funds into Madoff Securities, as well as investments made into the feeder funds.

Madoff investor investor type potential exposure source
Fairfield Sentry (Fairfield Greenwich Group) US investment firm; Madoff feeder fund $7,500,000,000.00 firm statement/Wall Street Journal (WSJ)[8]
Grupo Santander Spanish bank $3,500,000,000.00 El Pais
Kingate Management Bermuda hedge fund; Madoff feeder fund $3,500,000,000.00 Bloomberg
Rye Investment Management (Tremont Group) US hedge fund; Madoff feeder fund $3,100,000,000.00 WSJ[8]
Bank Medici of Austria Austrian bank $2,800,000,000.00 Bloomberg
Ascot Partners US hedge fund; Madoff feeder fund $1,800,000,000.00 WSJ[8]
Access International Advisors US hedge fund; Madoff feeder fund $1,400,000,000.00 Bloomberg
Fortis Bank Nederland Dutch bank $1,350,000,000.00 firm statement/WSJ[8]
Thema Fund Irish hedge fund; Madoff feeder fund $1,100,000,000.00 media reports
HSBC British bank $1,000,000,000.00 firm statement/WSJ[8]
Genevalor Benbassat & Cie Swiss bank; Madoff feeder fund $935,000,000.00 Le Temps
Aurelia Finance Swiss bank; Madoff feeder fund $800,000,000.00 Le Temps
Union Bancaire Privée Swiss bank $700,000,000.00 WSJ[8]
Natixis French bank $600,000,000.00 Bloomberg
Royal Bank of Scotland British bank $600,000,000.00 published reports
Sterling Equities investment firm $500,000,000.00 New York Post
BNP Paribas French bank $475,300,000.00 Bloomberg
BBVA Spanish bank $404,000,000.00 Reuters
Fix Asset Management US alternatives firm $400,000,000.00 firm statement
Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro US individuals $400,000,000.00 WSJ
RMF (Man Group) UK hedge fund $360 million firm statement/WSJ[8]
Nomura Japanese broker $358.9 million WSJ[8]
Reichmuth Matterhorn Swiss private bank $330 million Bloomberg
Normal Holdings $302 million
Pioneer Alternative Investments Irish alternatives firm $280 million Bloomberg
Maxam Capital Management US fund of hedge funds; Madoff feeder fund $280 million WSJ[8]
J.P. Jeanneret Associates investment adviser $250 million The Post Standard (
EIM Group European bank $230 million Le Temps/WSJ[8]
Ira Rennert US individual $200 million FINalternatives
Bank Austria Austrian bank $192.1 million Der Standard
Tremont Capital Management (Tremont Group) US fund of hedge funds $190 million firm statement
M&B Capital Advisers Spanish money manager $187.9 million El Mundo
Jerome Fisher (Nine West founder) individual $150 million media reports
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation charity $145 million Boston Globe
Yeshiva University US Jewish university endowment $140 million Bloomberg
Aozora Bank Japanese bank $137 million WSJ[8]
AXA French insurer less than $135 million Reuters
Crédit Mutuel French bank $124 million Bloomberg
Dexia Franco-Belgian bank $106.9 million firm statement
UniCredit Italian financial firm $100 million Bloomberg
Hadassah Jewish charity $90 million WSJ[8]
Unione di Banche Italiane Italian bank $84.9 million Bloomberg
Nordea Swedish bank $65 million Reuters
Hyposwiss Private Bank Genève Swiss private bank $50 million Reuters/WSJ[8]
Korea Life Insurance Co. Korean insurer $50 million Yonhap News
Banque Benedict Hentsch Swiss private bank $47.5 million firm statement
Royal Dutch Shell Anglo-Dutch pension $45 million Reuters
Great Eastern Holdings Singapore bank $43.9 million Reuters
Town of Fairfield, Connecticut US pension fund $42 million WSJ[8]
Royal Bank of Canada Canadian bank $40.4 million Globe and Mail
Wolosoff Foundation charity $38 million FINalternatives
Bramdean Asset Management asset manager $31.2 million WSJ[8]
Family of Sarah Chew family office $30 million Time
Mortimer B. Zuckerman Charitable Remainder Trust (New York Daily News owner's charity) US charity $30 million CNBC
Arthur I. and Sydelle F. Meyer Charitable Foundation charity $29.2 million Palm Beach Post
Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. Japanese insurer $22 million WSJ[8]
Madoff Family Foundation Bernard Madoff's Charity $19 million WSJ
Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation Jewish charity $18 million WSJ[8]
Foundation for Humanity (Elie Wiesel's charity) charity $15.2 million WSJ[8]
America-Israel Cultural Foundation US-Israeli charity $15 million New York Times[9]
KSM Capital Advisors investment firm $15 million Indianapolis Business Journal
The Phoenix Holdings Israeli financial services company $15 million firm statement
Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Israeli insurer $14.2 million WSJ[8]
Alicia Koplowitz individual $13.7 million Europa Press
Groupama French Insurer $13.6 million firm statement
Société Générale French bank less than $13.5 million Reuters
Bâloise Swiss insurer $13 million WSJ[8]
Lautenberg Family Foundation charity $12.8 million media reports
Credit Agricole French bank less than $12.32 million WSJ[8]
KAS Bank bank $12.3 million firm statement
Marion and Elie Wiesel US individuals $12 million WSJ
Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management US pension $12 million Reuters
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Japanese financial institution $11 million Bloomberg
Richard Spring individual $11 million WSJ[8]
Hampshire County Council pension $10.7 million IPE
PWA Asset Holding Joint Trust US individual $10.5 million WSJ
Richard Roth individual $10 million FINalternatives
United Jewish Endowment Fund Jewish charity less than $10 million JTA
Banco Popolare Italian bank $9.86 million WSJ[8]
Korea Teachers Pension Korean pension $9.1 million WSJ[8]
Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation Jewish charity $8 million Washington Post
Michael Roth individual $7.5 million FINalternatives
Chais Family Foundation Jewish charity $7 million WSJ
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Jewish charity $6.4 million media reports
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Israeli university $6.4 million Globes
Vincent Tchenguiz British individual $6.3 million FINalternatives
The Ramaz School Jewish school $6 million WSJ[8]
Irwin Kellner (named plaintiff on first lawsuit against Madoff) individual $6 million lawsuit
Julian J. Levitt Foundation Jewish charity $6 million WSJ
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System US pension fund $5.7 million WSJ[8]
Stony Brook University Foundation US university endowment $5.4 million Bloomberg
David Berger individual $5 million FINalternatives
Maimonides School (Boston) Jewish school $5 million Bloomberg
Neue Privat Bank Swiss bank $5 million WSJ[8]
Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (New York) synagogue $3.5 million WSJ[8]
Dorset County Pension Fund UK pension $3.5 million
Almus Real Estate Investment's individual $3.4 million firm statement
Clal Insurance Israeli insurer $3.1 million WSJ[8]
New York Law School US law school $3 million lawsuit
Roger Peskin individual $3 million AP
Richard Freidman individual $3 million WBUR [10]
Swiss Reinsurance Co. Swiss reinsurer $3 million WSJ[8]
Frank Black investor less than $3 million lawsuit
Global Specialised Opportunities 1 Bermuda fund $2.8 million fund statement
Banca March Spanish Bank $2.5 million Cinco Días
American Friends of Yad Sarah Jewish charity $1.5 million WSJ[8]
Caisse des dépôts et consignations French bank $1.38 million Bloomberg
Robert and Sarah Chew individuals $1.2 million Time
SAR Academy (New York) US school $1.2 million Bloomberg News
Harold Roitenberg US individual $1 million Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Ira Roth US individual $1 million WSJ[8]
Arnold and Joan Sinkin individuals $1 million The Guardian
Steven Abbott Individual less than $1 million WSJ
Allegretto Fund Hedge fund $790,000 firm statement
Mediobanca Italian bank $671,000 WSJ[8]
Stanford Financial Group international financial services firm that managed a Ponzi scheme separate from the Madoff Ponzi scheme $600,000 (£400,000) The Times
Allianz Global Investors German investment firm n/a Citywire
Austin Capital Management fund of hedge funds n/a Reuters
AWD financial services provider n/a Citywire
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick (actors) US actors n/a New York magazine
Banesto Spanish bank n/a Reuters
Ed Blumenfeld (Long Island real estate developer) US individual n/a Long Island Business News
Norman Braman (former Philadelphia Eagles' owner) US individual n/a Wall Street Journal
Chair Family Foundation US charity n/a FINalternatives
Engelbardt Family Family office n/a Variety
Erste Bank Austrian bank n/a Der Standard
Fair Food Foundation US charity n/a Crain's Detroit Business
Leonard Feinstein (Bed Bath & Beyond co-founder) US individual n/a Newark Star-Ledger
Stephen Fine US individual n/a Reuters
Barbara Flood US individual n/a National Public Radio
Avram and Carol Goldberg (Stop n Shop founders) US individuals n/a Reuters
Joyce Z. Greenberg individual n/a Houston Chronicle
Bank Gutmann AG Austrian bank n/a Citywire
members of the Hillcrest Country Club (Saint Paul, Minnesota) US club n/a Star-Tribune
INTAC Global Preservation Hedge Portfolio (via Rye Investment Management) fund of hedge funds n/a fund documents
JEHT Foundation US charity n/a statement
Henry Kaufman (former chief economist at Salomon Brothers) US individual n/a WSJ
KBC Bank Belgian bank n/a firm statement
Sandy Koufax US individual n/a Associated Press
Knowsley MBC public sector pension n/a
Rodger Krouse (co-founder of private equity firm Sun Capital Partners, Inc) US individual n/a New York Times[11]
Last Atlantis Capital Management fund of hedge funds n/a fund documents
Kenneth and Jeanne Levy-Church (donors to Fair Food and JEHT foundations) individuals n/a Jewish Journal
Leonard Litwin US individual n/a Bloomberg
Liverpool City Council UK pension n/a
LLBW German Bank n/a Citywire
Loebe family family office n/a CNBC
Mirabaud bank n/a Le Temps
The Moriah Fund charity n/a FINalternatives
MorseLife charity n/a Palm Beach Post
Notz, Stucki & Cie Swiss bank n/a Le Temps
Members of the Oak Ridge Country Club (Hopkins, MN) US individuals n/a Star-Tribune
Optimal Investment Services (Grupo Santander) alternatives firm n/a Bloomberg
Palm Beach Country Club US country club n/a CNBC
Eric Roth (screenwriter) US individual n/a Los Angeles Times
St. Helens MBC UK pension n/a
Sefton MBC UK pension n/a
SNS Reaal Groep financial services firm n/a Bloomberg
family of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer US individuals n/a
Symphony Fund (via Pioneer Alternative Investments) fund of hedge funds n/a fund documents
Jeff Tucker (Stone Bridge horse farm owner, Fairfield Greenwich Group founding partner) US individual n/a WNYT television
Thyssen family Family Office n/a
UBS Swiss bank n/a Reuters
Lawrence Velvel (Dean Emeritus,[12] Massachusetts Law School) US individual n/a WSJ
Wilpon family (New York Mets owner) family office n/a WSJ
Wunderkinder Foundation (Steven Spielberg's charity) charity n/a WSJ
Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins US couple n/a WSJ[13]


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