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List of intelligence gathering disciplines

This is a list of intelligence gathering disciplines.


Human intelligence (HUMINT) are gathered from a person in the location in question. Sources can include the following:

MI6 is noted to use human intelligence to operate in different countries or Britain itself to protect the country from global affairs. However, this is usually mixed up with their brother agency MI5 which focuses on the security of Britain.


Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) are gathered from satellite and aerial photography, or mapping/terrain data.



Open-source intelligence (OSINT) are gathered from open sources. OSINT can be further segmented by the source type: Internet/General, Scientific/Technical, and various HUMINT specialties, e.g. trade shows, association meetings, and interviews.


Signals intelligence (SIGINT) are gathered from interception of signals.


Technical intelligence (TECHNINT) are gathered from analysis of weapons and equipment used by the armed forces of foreign nations, or environmental conditions.

  • Medical intelligence (MEDINT) – gathered from analysis of medical records and/or actual physiological examinations to determine health and/or particular ailments and allergic conditions for consideration


Cyber or digital network intelligence (CYBINT or DNINT) are gathered from cyberspace.


Financial intelligence (FININT) are gathered from analysis of monetary transactions.

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