List of halls of fame inducting Elvis Presley

List of Halls and Walks of Fame and other related honouring institutions inducting the late US entertainer Elvis Presley as a member.

  1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[1]
  2. Country Music Hall of Fame.[2]
  3. Rockabilly Hall of Fame.[3][4]
  4. Gospel Hall of Fame.[5]
  5. Honky Tonk Hall of Fame.[6][7]
  6. Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.[8]
  7. Mississippi Walk of Fame
  8. Mississippi Hall of Fame
  9. Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience Hall of Fame
  10. The Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum
  11. UK Music Hall of Fame.[9]
  12. Playboy Jazz and Pop Hall of Fame
  13. Hit Parade Hall of Fame.[10]
  14. Christian Music Hall of Fame.[11]
  15. 411 Music Hall of Fame.[12]
  16. Memorable Music Hall of Fame.[13]
  17. Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame
  18. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.[14]
  19. America's Pop Music Hall of Fame [15][16]
  20. Hollywood Walk of Fame.[17]
  21. Las Vegas Walk of Stars.[18][19]