List of diplomatic missions in Guyana

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Guyana. There are currently 13 embassies in Georgetown. Several other countries have ambassadors accredited to Guyana. This listing excludes honorary consulates.

Countries with diplomatic missions in Guyana

Embassies/High Commissions in GeorgetownEdit

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are member-states of the Commonwealth of Nations. As such, their embassies are formally termed as high commissions.

Embassies of Argentina and Chile in Georgetown

Other posts in GeorgetownEdit

Non-resident embassiesEdit

Resident in Brasilia, BrazilEdit

Resident in Caracas, VenezuelaEdit

Resident in Havana, CubaEdit

Resident in New York City, United States of America[a]Edit

Resident in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and TobagoEdit

Resident elsewhereEdit

Former EmbassiesEdit

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  1. ^ Accredited missions are the sending countries's permanent missions to the United Nations