List of agricultural machinery

Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor.

From left to right: John Deere 7800 tractor with Houle slurry trailer, Case IH combine harvester, New Holland FX 25 forage harvester with corn head.
Unimog with a flail hedge and verge trimmer implement used in agroforestry

Tractor and power Edit

Farm mechanization in Ontario and Quebec; illustrating a tractor

Soil cultivation Edit

Harrow in use in 1948 at Canterbury Agricultural College farm
Historic huge specialist "plough" for maintaining drainage ditches in East Germany
called Zone till subsoiler)

Planting Edit

Fertilizers and pesticides dispenser Edit

Irrigation Edit

Produce sorter Edit

A belt sorter for peas
  • Blemish sorter.
  • Colour sorter
  • Density Sorter
  • Diameter sorter
  • Internal/taste sorter
  • Shape sorter
  • Weight sorter

Harvesting / post-harvest processing Edit

A Frost & Wood reaper- binder being used in the Rainy River District in the 1900s.

Hand harvesting Edit

Winnowing machine from 1839

Hay making Edit

Round baler in action

Hand hay tool Edit

Loading Edit

A "backhoe loader"
A restored JCB 3C MkII, showing the conventional arrangement of front loader and backhoe

Milking Edit

Animal Feeding Edit

Other Edit

TOL Tree Trimmer
A mulching machine

Obsolete farm machinery Edit

A Geiser threshing machine



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