List of active aircraft of the Afghan Air Force

This is the List of active aircraft of the Afghan Air Force, prior to the 2021 Taliban offensive.

An Afghan Air Corps Mi-17 helicopter takes off on a mission
Afghan MD 530F firing off its gun pods

Current InventoryEdit

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Cessna 208 United States ground attack / ISR AC-208 10[1]
A-29 Super Tucano Brazil COIN / attack 19[1]
Boeing 727 United States VIP transport 1[2] former owned by Ariana Afghan Airlines[3]
C-130 Hercules United States transport C-130H 4[1]
Cessna 208 United States transport / utility 24[1]
Pilatus PC-12 Switzerland transport / utility PC-12NG 18[1][4] assigned to the Special Mission Wing
Mil Mi-17 Soviet Union utility Mi-8/17 95[1] 56 aircraft are in use with the Special Mission Wing[5]
Mil Mi-24 Soviet Union attack Mi-25 8[1]
Bell UH-1 United States utility UH-1H 10[1]
Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama France utility 3[1]
Sikorsky UH-60 United States utility UH-60A 16
MD500 Defender United States light attack / training MD 530F 68


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