List of Zatoichi episodes

This is an episode list for the Japanese jidaigeki television series Zatoichi.

Season 1 [1974]Edit

No. Title Japanese
1 A Challenge Of Chance のるかそるかの正念場
2 The Flower That Bloomed With The Lullaby 子守唄に咲いた女郎花
3 A Memorial Day And The Bell Of Life 祥月命日いのちの鐘
4 The Kannon Statue that was Bound 縛られ観音ゆきずり旅
5 The Heartless Man, Touched By Compassion 情知らずが情に泣いた
6 Pouring Rain どしゃぶり
7 A Bird Lands On Ichi 市に鳥がとまった
8 An Unforgettable Flower 忘れじの花
9 The Second Zatoichi 二人座頭市
10 The Sumo Wrestler That Found His Home やぐら太鼓が風に哭いた
11 The Whirlwind Of Kisoji 木曽路のつむじ風
12 Humanity And Justice やわ肌仁義
13 The 1,000 Ryo Raffle 潮風に舞った千両くじ
14 Fighting Journey With Baby In Tow 赤ン坊喧嘩旅
15 Festival Song Of The Raven めんない鴉の祭り唄
16 The Wind From Mt. Akagi 赤城おろし
17 Burning Sunset on the Bridal Pass 花嫁峠に夕陽は燃えた
18 A Rush Trip すっとび道中
19 A Rainbow In His Hometown 故郷に虹を見た
20 The Female Yakuza Boss 女親分と狼たち
21 The Fallen Flower That Bloomed By A Lake 湖に咲いたこぼれ花
22 A Father And Son's Song 父と子の詩
23 A Lover's Suicide Song 心中あいや節
24 The Coming Of Spring 信濃路に春は近い
25 The Yakuza Ways 渡世人
26 Traveling Alone ひとり旅

Season 2 [1976]Edit

No. Title Japanese
1 The Keepsake Dolls 情けの忘れ雛
2 Yearning For A Father 父恋い子守唄
3 A Parting Flower 瀬来の別れ花
4 The Moonrise Bodyguard 月の出の用心棒
5 On The Run 牢破りいそぎ旅
6 Tears In The Shadow Of His Teacher 師の影に泣いた
7 You Can Hear The Nursery Songs わらべ唄が聞える
8 The Beautiful Prostitute In The Rain 雨の女郎花
9 A Rainbow in an Unseen Teardrop 見えない涙に虹を見た
10 Autumn Road for A Weeping Maid 娘が泣く木枯らし街道
11 The Two Roads Divided By The Winds 風に別れた二つ道
12 Money And Hell 金が身を食う地獄坂
13 Ichi Runs To The Mother's Tears 母の涙に市が走った
14 A Farewell In The Snow 雪の別れ路
15 A Cane Sword Burned In Anger 仕込杖が怒りに燃えた
16 A Woman On The Run 駆込み道中ふたり旅
17 A Mother And Son's Revenge 母子道に灯がともる
18 A Drunken River 酔いどれ川
19 The Girl From Echigo 越後から来た娘
20 Chess For A Lifetime いのち駒
21 A Broken Promise 契り髪
22 Samurai Lullaby 浪人子守旅
23 The Ghost Beckoned Ichi 幽霊が市を招いた
24 Spring Goes On In Otone 大利根の春はゆく
25 The Vagabond's Return 帰って来た渡世人
26 The Crow Cries And Ichi Appears 鴉カァーとないて市が来た
27 Song Of A Traveler 旅人の詩
28 The Joshu Lullaby 上州わらべ唄
29 The Endless Journey 終わりなき旅路

Season 3 [1978]Edit

No. Title Japanese
1 The 100 Ryo Love 恋鴉いのち百両
2 Spring Arrives For The Eyeless Daruma 目なし達磨に春がきた
3 The Palanquin Wars Of Tempo Period 天保元年駕籠戦争
4 The Firefly
5 The Song That Struck Ichi 歌声が市を斬った
6 The Five Swords 五本の長脇差
7 From Long Ago 遠い昔の日に
8 Here Comes The Masseur そこのけ、そこのけ、あんまが通る
9 The Revolving Lantern まわり燈籠
10 The Winter Sea 冬の海
11 Traveling With A Child 子別れ街道
12 At The Outbreak Of The Rain 雨あがり
13 The Woman Who Betrayed Chuji 忠治を売った女
14 A Dream At The Awa Festival 夢に追われて阿波踊り
15 The Sound Of Crying Bells 女の鈴が哭いた
16 The Naked Crybaby Assassin 裸の泣き虫役人
17 The Prostitute Flower On A Foggy Night 霜夜の女郎花
18 Road of Manure こやし道
19 The Gift めの字の置きみやげ

Season 4 [1979]Edit

No. Title Japanese
1 Another Solitary Journey 今日も行くひとり旅
2 Winter Fireworks 冬の花火
3 Ichi Hears His Song 市の耳に子守唄
4 I Will Kill Him Tomorrow あした斬る
5 Journey of the Butterfly ふたおもて蝶の道行
6 The Spinning Wheel 糸ぐるま
7 The Promise ゆびきりげんまん
8 The Big Win of 1,000 Ryo 大当たり、めの一番
9 The Boathouse on a Rainy Day 雨の船宿
10 Ichi's Bowl 市の茶碗
11 The Stage of Compassion 人情まわり舞台
12 The Rainbow Bridge 虹のかけ橋
13 The 100 Ryo Gift that the Demon Laughed at 鬼が笑う百両みやげ
14 The Protégé Masseur あんま志願
15 The Scarecrow かかしっ子
16 Greetings and Farewell Lights 迎え火 送り火 灯篭流し
17 This Child, Whose Is It? この子誰の子
18 Traveling With A Dog 犬と道連れ
19 The Peaceful Life 静かなくらし
20 Pinwheel And The Festival 祭りばやしに風車
21 The Yakuza's song, part 1 渡世人の詩・前篇
22 The Yakuza's song, part 2 渡世人の詩・後編
23 The Mysterious Travel 不思議な旅
24 The Sun おてんとさん
25 The Rainbow Journey 虹の旅
26 The Dream Journey 夢の旅