List of governors of Västmanland County

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This is a list of Governors for Västmanland County of Sweden, from 1634 to present.

Governor of Västmanland County
Landshövding i Västmanlands län
Västmanland vapen.svg
Coat of arms of Västmanland County.
Minoo Ahtarzand 2013.jpg
Minoo Akhtarzand

since 1 February 2016
Västmanland County Administrative Board
ResidenceVästerås Castle, Västerås
AppointerGovernment of Sweden
Term lengthSix years[note 1]
First holderTure Eriksson Sparre
DeputyCounty Director (Länsrådet)
SalarySEK 97,800/month (2017)[2]
WebsiteGovernor and County Director


  1. ^ The governor is often appointed for a six-year mandate. It can be extended if the person has not reached retirement age.[1]


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