List of Sergeants-at-Arms of the Canadian House of Commons

List of Sergeants-at-Arms of the House of Commons of Canada who are senior officials of the House appointed by Governor in Council, the Sergeant-at Arms assists the Clerk as head of parliamentary precinct services, performing certain ceremonial functions (bearing the Ceremonial mace of the Commons) and being responsible for security and building services.

The current Sergeant-at-Arms is Assistant Commissioner Pat McDonell, as of January 2015.[1]

Past Sergeants-at-Arms were:

MacDonell, O'Brien and Vickers are the only non-military appointments to the Sergeant-at-Arms. O'Brien worked her way from Commons Committee clerk in 1977. McDonell and Vickers are former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Beauchesne, a lawyer by training, was acting in his capacity and did not serve in the military.