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List of Saw cast members

The list of Saw cast members is a list of actors who voiced or portrayed characters appearing in the Saw franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) is the only actor to make appearances in all eight films, throughout which he is complemented on screen by actors ranging from well-known ones such as Danny Glover, Cary Elwes, and Donnie Wahlberg to lesser-known actors such as Dina Meyer and Lyriq Bent, among others. While many actors reprise their roles for cameos and minor appearances, the only actors besides Bell and Smith to appear with major roles in more than three films were Costas Mandylor (Mark Hoffman) and Betsy Russell (Jill Tuck), both of whom appear in the latter five installments of the series. In other Saw media, a significant number of actors have either been replaced or omitted from appearing. In the video game, Tobin Bell was the only actor to reprise his role from the films. Other characters such as Amanda Young, Obi Tate, and Jeff Thomas all returned but were voiced by other actors. Other characters, including Pamela Jenkins and Steven Sing were mentioned but did not make any appearance. For the Saw roller coaster, Billy the Puppet was the only character to appear, with no voice provided for him. The lack of characters present is attributed to the physical restraints of actors in a roller coaster. A prequel comic book, Saw: Rebirth, featured many recurring characters but little actor corresponding or likeness' due to the comic not being supported by Twisted Pictures. Other actors likenesses were used in place of the films' actors.

While the films have not replaced any actors, their scripts have been altered to omit certain characters due to a number of conflicts. Cary Elwes' character, Lawrence Gordon, did not appear in subsequent films after Saw due to a lawsuit from payment issues for Elwes, although his character has been referenced many times since. Elwes reprised his character in the final film, Saw 3D.


  • (v) indicates the actor or actress lent only his or her voice for his or her film character.
  • (‘‘‘a’’’) indicates the actor or actress did not appear in any new footage for the film; archive footage from an earlier film or films was used.
  • (p) indicates that the actor or actress was represented by a photograph as opposed to physically appearing in the film.
  • A gray box indicates that the character did not appear in the media or has yet to be confirmed or denied in upcoming media.
Character Film Video game
The Organ Donor
The Game
Flesh & Blood

Principal charactersEdit

Jigsaw/John Kramer Tobin Bell[1][2][3][4]   Tobin Bell (v)[5]
Amanda Young Shawnee Smith Shawnee Smith (a) Shawnee Smith[3]   Jen Taylor (v)  
Mark Hoffman   Costas Mandylor[1][2][3][6]  
Jill Tuck   Betsy Russell[1][2][3]  
Lawrence Gordon Cary Elwes Cary Elwes (v) (a) Uncredited stand-in [7]   Cary Elwes[8]  

Recurring major charactersEdit

Jeff Denlon   Angus Macfadyen Angus Macfadyen (a)[2]  
Dan Erickson   Mark Rolston[2][3]  
Allison Kerry Dina Meyer Dina Meyer (p)  
Mallick   Greg Bryk[2]   Greg Bryk  
Eric Matthews   Donnie Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg (a)[2]  
Lindsey Perez   Athena Karkanis[1] Athena Karkanis (a)[2] Athena Karkanis  
Daniel Rigg   Lyriq Bent[1] Lyriq Bent (a)[2]  
Adam Stanheight Leigh Whannell Leigh Whannell (v) Leigh Whannell   Leigh Whannell (a)  
Peter Strahm   Scott Patterson[1][2] Scott Patterson (a)  
David Tapp Danny Glover   Danny Glover (a)   Danny Glover (a)[2]   Earl Alexander (v)

Recurring supporting charactersEdit

Pamela Jenkins   Samantha Lemole[2][3]  
Tara Abbott   Shauna MacDonald[3][9]  
Cecil Adams   Billy Otis   Billy Otis  
Addy   Janelle Hutchison  
Xavier Chavez   Franky G   Franky G (p)   Franky G (a)  
Gus Colyard   Tony Nappo Tony Nappo (a) Tony Nappo[2]  
Addison Corday   Emmanuelle Vaugier Emmanuelle Vaugier (a) Emmanuelle Vaugier Emmanuelle Vaugier (p)  
Deborah   Kim Roberts  
Emily   Larissa Gomes[3][10]  
Fisk[2]   Mike Realba[1]  
Donnie Greco Oren Koules   Oren Koules   Oren Koules (a)  
Dr. Heffner   James Van Patten   James Van Patten[3]  
Paul Leahy Mike Butters   Mike Butters (a) Mike Butters[2] Mike Butters (a)  
Michael Marks   Noam Jenkins Noam Jenkins (a) Noam Jenkins   Noam Jenkins  
Pete   Kelly Jones  
Joe   Vincent Rother  
Corbett Denlon   Niamh Wilson   Niamh Wilson[2] Niamh Wilson (director's cut)  
Jeff Ridenbour Ned Bellamy   Dex Manley (v)  
Mark Wilson Paul Gutrecht   Paul Gutrecht (a)  
Simone Bethson   Tanedra Howard[3][11][12]  
Obi Tate   Tim Burd   Tim Burd[2]   Tim Burd (a)   Marc Carr (v)  
Trevor   Kevin Rushton   Kevin Rushton  
Troy   J. LaRose  
Timothy Young   Mpho Koaho   Mpho Koaho  

Major characters (single-media)Edit

Art Blank   Justin Louis[1] Justin Louis (a)[2]   Justin Louis (p)  
Brit   Julie Benz[2]  
Lynn Denlon   Bahar Soomekh Bahar Soomekh (a)[2]  
Bobby Dagen   Sean Patrick Flanery  
William Easton   Peter Outerbridge[3] Peter Outerbridge (p)  
Capt. Angie Garza   Marisol Nichols  
Matt Gibson   Chad Donella  
Zep Hindle Michael Emerson Michael Emerson (v) Michael Emerson (a)   Michael Emerson (a)  
Campbell Iman   ?
Daniel Matthews   Erik Knudsen Erik Knudsen (a) Erik Knudsen (p)   Erik Knudsen (a)  
William Schenk   Max Minghella  
Steven Sing Ken Leung   Ken Leung (a)   Ken Leung (p)  
Michael Tapp   ?
Zeke   Chris Rock  
Marcus   Samuel L. Jackson  

Supporting characters (single-media)Edit

Aaron   James Gilbert[3]  
Brent Abbott   Devon Bostick[3]  
Harold Abbott   George Newbern[3]  
Allen   Shawn Ahmed[3]  
Seth Baxter   Joris Jarsky Joris Jarsky (a)  
Brenda   Sarain Boylan  
Dave   Darius McCrary[3]  
Debbie   Caroline Cave[3]  
Eddie   Marty Moreau  
Jennings Foster   Troy Lund (v)  
Gena   Melanie Scrofano[3]  
Luba Gibbs   Meagan Good[2]  
Alison Gordon Monica Potter  
Diana Gordon Makenzie Vega  
Halden   Barry Flatman  
Hank   Gerry Mendicino  
Laura Hunter   Beverley Mitchell Beverly Mitchell (a)   Beverly Mitchell (p)  
Josh   Shawn Mathieson  
Lamanna   Simon Reynolds[1]  
Ivan Landsness   Marty Adams[1]  
Ashley   Laura Gordon[2]  
Oswald McGullicuty   David Scully (v)  
Morgan   Janet Land  
Rex   Ron Lea  
Danica Scott   Debra McCabe  
Charles   Carlo Rota[2]  
Shelby   Karen Cliche[3]  
Melissa Sing   Kahn Doan (v)
Jonas Singer   Glenn Plummer Glenn Plummer (a)   Glenn Plummer (p)  
Carla Song Alexandra Bokyn Chun   ?


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