List of Saint Tail characters

This is a list of known characters in the anime and manga series Saint Tail.

Main charactersEdit

Meimi Haneoka / Saint TailEdit

Meimi Haneoka

Voiced by: Tomo Sakurai (Japanese); Mela Lee[1] (English)Ep. 1

Meimi Haneoka (羽丘 芽美, Haneoka Meimi) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a cheerful orange-haired fourteen-year-old student at St. Paulia's Private School, with some minor attributes of a tsundere when she bickers with Daiki. At school, her strong point is physical education, but she is rather poor at math. By night she transforms into Phantom Thief Saint Tail (セイントテール, Kaitō Seinto Teiru), who has a long ponytail for her hairstyle, and is usually dressed in purple-black. In this guise, she takes back what bad people have stolen. Unlike magical girls, Saint Tail does not have actual magic powers; instead, she uses stage magic and theatrics, along with acrobatics to fool and confuse pursuers. She is given information by her classmate, and nun-in-training, Seira, of misdeeds. Her catch phrase is: "It's showtime!"

Saint Tail is persistently pursued by Asuka Jr - by his request, she sends him notices of her crimes in advance, so he may have a fighting chance. As Saint Tail, Meimi consistently outwits Asuka Jr. in her capers, and as she observes his exclusive devotion to pursuing her, she begins to fall in love with him. As Meimi Haneoka, she usually ends up arguing with Asuka Jr as all he cares about is catching Saint Tail. As a result, Meimi constantly gets jealous of her alter ego. In episode 26 of the anime, Ryutaro Tomikoji proposes to Meimi, but later on falls for Saint Tail instead.

In the final episode, Asuka Jr. discovers Saint Tail's true identity, but still keeps his romantic feelings for Meimi intact regardless. Meimi gives up her identity as Saint Tail in the process, claiming that Saint Tail 'has been put behind bars'. In the epilogue, which is set 8 years later, Daiki proposes to Meimi with an engagement ring, which she gratefully accepts. Meimi has also cut her hair short; now similar to that of Rina's hair length.

Daiki AsukaEdit

(飛鳥 大貴 Asuka Daiki; アスカJr Asuka Jr.)
Voiced by: Kohsuke Okano (Japanese); Joshua Seth (English)Ep. 1

Daiki Asuka is a detective boy fourteen-year-old at St. Paulia's Private School, and is a top student in his class. He lacks physical strength and motor skills.

Commonly known as Asuka Jr., Daiki Asuka is the son of Detective Tomoki Asuka. Because Tomoki has been unable to catch Kaitou Lucifer (Meimi's mom), and also the fact that he is evidently apathetic of Saint Tail's crimes, Asuka Jr. takes up the mantle on capturing Saint Tail instead.

Asuka Jr. is awarded a badge from the mayor, after he manages to snap a photo of Saint Tail. The badge grants Asuka Jr. the authority to investigate anywhere he pleases, and as such he is now able to assist the police in Saint Tail's capture. At his own request, Asuka Jr. is given prior notice of Saint Tail's crimes. As Saint Tail slips away from Asuka Jr. caper after caper, she becomes the object of Asuka Jr.'s thoughts.

Very dense regarding relationships, Asuka Jr. fails to see Meimi's growing feelings for him. He often argues with Meimi over Saint Tail and his inability to catch her. Asuka Jr. begins to think of Meimi when he sees Saint Tail, and vice versa, and is torn between which of the two he's falling in love with. Despite that, he confesses to Meimi that he loves her in episode 40, with Meimi reciprocating his feelings. Only in the last episode of the anime does he know that Meimi is Saint Tail. Contrary to Meimi's constant fear of Daiki would hate her if he ever found out her true identity, she was proven wrong when Asuka Jr holds her tight and affectionately in the final episode after falling through the ceiling. Daiki states that he has caught Saint Tail and that she will be "put behind bars" so there's no reason for Meimi to be Saint Tail anymore. 8 years later, in the epilogue, Asuka Jr proposes to Meimi, in which she happily accepts.

Seira MimoriEdit

(深森 聖良 Seira Mimori)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue of DoCo Ranma ½ (Japanese); Anjuli Cain (English)Ep. 1

Seira Mimori is a quiet and mature, thirteen-year-old student at St. Paulia's Private School and a nun-in training at the school's church. Classmate and best friend of Meimi Haneoka, she is the only person who knows the real identity of Saint Tail. After school, Seira spends her time at the chapel as a nun; there are many people who come to her and talk about their problems, usually involving something being stolen or going missing. She relays this information to Meimi/Saint Tail, asking her to help these people recover their valued possessions. She was the first one to realize Meimi's love for Asuka Jr. In some instances she also advised Meimi to give up being Saint Tail, so as to not hurt Asuka Jr. if he finds out. In the epilogue, Seira is shown to have become a professional nun.

Supporting charactersEdit

Haneoka familyEdit

Eimi (left) and Genichiro (right)
Genichiro Haneoka (羽丘 源一郎 Haneoka Gen'ichirō) is Meimi's father and a first-class magician. He's always experimenting with new magic tricks to use in his shows, and hopes that Meimi will follow in his footsteps and go into a magical profession. Genichiro first met Eimi when she had a foot injury in front of Genichiro's apartment while escaping from her enemies. Genichiro took Eimi in without regard to her true identity, and they later fall in love and get married, with Eimi giving up her identity as the Fallen Angel in the process. Years later, they had a daughter named Meimi, the main character.
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese); Steven Jay Blum (English)Ep. 1
Eimi Haneoka (羽丘 映美 Haneoka Eimi) is Meimi's mother. She hopes Meimi will follow in her own footsteps and do something athletic. Eimi used to be a thief herself, but is now a house wife. Her alter ego was the Fallen Angel. It is shown that she is the constant target of Genichiro's magic tricks.
Voiced by: Chieko Enomoto (Japanese); Melora Harte (English)Ep. 1
Ruby is Meimi's cute, brown pet hedgehog. While Ruby is obtained midway through the manga series, she's introduced early on in the anime series. She was bought by a man, but was then stolen by Meimi to protect the gem that the man made Ruby swallow. Ruby is aware that Meimi is Saint Tail, and has assisted Meimi in several capers. Ruby wears a black ribbon similar to Saint Tail's, and speaks by saying "Kyuu".
Voiced by: Satomi Kohrogi (Japanese); Brianne Siddall (English)Ep. 1

St. Paulia studentsEdit

Rina Takamiya (高宮 里奈, Takamiya Rina)
Voiced by: Yūko Nagashima (Japanese); Brianne Siddall (English)Ep. 7
A transfer student to St. Paulia's Private School is Rina Takamiya. Rina becomes interested in Asuka Jr and his mission to catch Saint Tail. Because she is related to the mayor, Rina is able to take over Asuka Jr.'s investigations. Because of Rina's strong sense of justice, she plans to become a policewoman. Catching Saint Tail would assist in her ambitions.
Rina is taller than Asuka Jr., making the young detective uncomfortable standing beside her. She also has a boyish and bullyish nature, alongside having a crush on Daiki. It is also said she has the figure of a model.
Because of Meimi's athletic abilities and other circumstances, Rina suspects her to be Saint Tail. She makes a bet with Asuka Jr. that if Meimi is Saint Tail, then Asuka Jr. has to be Rina's boyfriend. The two are disillusioned when Rina caught Saint Tail, but the magical thief uses her magic to switch a guard in her place. The knocked-out guard, dressed as Saint Tail, fools Asuka Jr. and Rina into thinking that Saint Tail is really an older man, and Rina stops stalking Meimi over the issue. Rina becomes a policewoman in the epilogue.
Manato Sawatari (佐渡 真人, Sawatari Manato)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese); Jason Spisak (English)
Manato Sawatari is a student at St. Paulia's Private School, and is a photographer on the school paper. He becomes interested in Meimi after she shows interest in his photograph. Unknown to Manato, Meimi isn't interested in him at all as she was trying to obtain information for a theft case. He also seems to have an interest in Meimi's friend, Seira.
Asuka Jr. and Rina both call Manato by "Saruwatari" when they're mad with him. Saru is the Japanese word for monkey. The English translation of the manga uses "So-What-tari" instead.
In the epilogue, Manato becomes a professional photographer working under Rina.
Ryoko (涼子, Ryōko) and Kyoko (恭子, Kyōko)
Ryoko Voiced by: Satomi Koorogi (Japanese); Mona Marshall (English)Ep. 1
Kyoko Voiced by: Junko Iwao (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English)Ep. 1
Ryoko and Kyoko are classmates and friends of Meimi at St. Paulia's Private School.
Yasuhiro and Chiba
Asuka Jr. is often found with his two friends, Yasuhiro and Chiba while bragging his achievements to them.

Other charactersEdit

Detective Asuka (飛鳥 友貴)
Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese); Richard Cansino (English)Ep. 1
Tomoaki Asuka is Asuka Jr.'s father, and a detective at the local police department. While capturing St Tail is one of his duties, Tomoki normally leaves it to his son and focuses on more serious criminals. He is often seen arresting the ones Saint Tail has stolen from after having investigated their backgrounds.
It was known that he once fell in love with Saint Venus (Eimi) during his age of pursuing her.
Mayor Hideo Morinaka (森中 秀雄)
Voiced by: Hidetoshi Nakamura1954-2014 (Japanese); Mike Reynolds (English)
Hideo Morinaka is the mayor of the city and Rina's uncle. He appointed Asuka Jr. to capture Saint Tail.
Rosemary/Kabako Sendo
Kabako was Emi Haneoka's rival. She was said to have stolen everything that the Fallen Angel returned. Maju is her adopted daughter. In the 6th manga she captures Asuka Jr., whom Meimi is in love with.
Maju Sendo
Voiced by: Mika Kanai
Maju Sendo is the adopted daughter of Rosemary. Using lavender to hypnotize others, Maju is able to convince her victims to hand over their valuables while believing they were stolen by Saint Tail. She discovers Saint Tail's identity by hypnotizing Meimi.


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