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List of Saint Joseph's University buildings

The following is a list of the buildings on the campus of Saint Joseph's University, Hawk Hill, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.


Academic buildingsEdit

Barbelin Hall
  • Barbelin Hall, College of Arts & Sciences building; named in honor of Rev. Felix-Joseph Barbelin, S.J., first president of SJU[1]
  • Bellarmine Hall, foreign Language and Arts & Sciences building named in honor of Saint Robert Bellarmine S.J.
  • Connelly Hall, math and science building named for the area of Lower Merion it is located in
  • ELS Building, home of offices for international students
  • Francis A. Drexel Library, named in honor of benefactor Francis Drexel
  • Mandeville Hall, home of the Haub School of Business, named in honor of businessman Owen A. Mandeville
  • Merion Hall, named for its location in Lower Merion Township; academic building; home of the English department
  • Post Hall, sociology, psychology, and fine arts building named in honor of benefactor and alum John R. Post
  • Post Learning Commons, structurally joined to Drexel Library
  • ROTC Building, home to the Air Force ROTC
  • Science Center

Administrative buildingsEdit

  • Bronstein Hall, home of the communications department[2]
  • Claver House, named in honor of Saint Peter Claver, home of the honors department
  • Human Resources and University Communications, home of the human resources office
  • Loyola Center, named in honor of Ignatius of Loyola, home of the Jesuits
  • Regis Hall, President's Office, named in honor of Saint John Francis Regis
  • Saint Thomas Hall, named in honor of Saint Thomas Aquinas, home of the financial aid office
  • University Press, home of the Saint Joseph's University Press

Arts and entertainment buildingsEdit

  • Bluett Theater, home of the Cap and Bells Dramatic Arts Society located in Post Hall
  • Boland Hall, home of the University Gallery
  • Fine Arts East, home of art classrooms and offices
  • Fine Arts West, home of art classrooms and offices

Athletic buildingsEdit

  • Hagan Arena, home of the Saint Joseph's Hawks
  • O'Pake Recreation Center, home of intramural sports; located on the Maguire Campus; named in honor of Pennsylvania State Senator and alumnus Michael A. O'Pake '61
  • Ramsay Basketball Center, home of offices and the men's and women's basketball teams
  • Robert Gillin, Jr. Boathouse, home of the rowing teams, located on Boathouse Row
  • Sports Complex, located next to the Fieldhouse; home of varsity sports

Ministry buildingsEdit

  • Chapel of Saint Joseph-Michael J. Smith S.J. Memorial, named in honor of the patron saint of the University and beloved professor and university member, respectively
  • Wolfington Hall, named in honor of alum and benefactor Eustace Wolfington's mother; center for campus ministry

Residence hallsEdit

  • LaFarge Hall, named in honor of Rev. John LaFarge S.J. an advocate for racial equality; a six-story, co-ed hall built in 1970 which accommodates 350 students[3]
  • Moore Hall, named in honor of Rev. James W. Moore, S.J., longtime Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; a three-story, co-ed hall built in 1989 which accommodates 78 students; originally used by the Salvation Army
  • Sourin Hall, named in honor of Rev. Edward Sourin, S.J., an early Philadelphia Jesuit, who fought to establish Catholic education in a time when Catholicism found little acceptance; a four-story, co-ed hall built in 1980 which accommodates 225 students; the Student Health Center is located on the ground floor
  • McShain Hall, named in honor of John McShain, an alumnus who built Barbelin Hall as well as numerous buildings in Washington D.C.; a five-story, co-ed hall built in 1988 which accommodates 280 students; the City Avenue bridge connects the Lower Merion (and McShain) side of campus to the city side
  • Villiger Hall, named in honor of Fr. Burchard Villiger S.J., who was on the faculty of Saint Joseph's from its founding in 1851 and fifth president of Saint Joseph's College; a 413-bed residence center located on the corner of City and Cardinal Avenues; completed in August 2012

Campus housesEdit

  • Hogan, acquired in 1964; accommodates 28 students
  • Jordan, acquired in 1959; accommodates 30 students
  • Quirk, acquired in 1948; accommodates 30 students
  • Saint Albert's, named in honor of Saint Albert of Louvain; acquired in 1959; accommodates 21 students
  • Saint Mary's, named in honor of the Blessed Mother; located on the Merion side of campus; accommodates 40 students
  • Simpson, located on central campus; accommodates 24 students
  • Sullivan, acquired in 1958; accommodates 27 students
  • Tara, named for the seat of the ancient Irish Kings; acquired in 1949; accommodates 30 students
  • Xavier, named in honor of Saint Francis Xavier S.J.; acquired in 1960; accommodates 24 students

University apartments and townhousesEdit

  • Ashwood, co-ed apartment; located on Overbrook Avenue; has a capacity for 170 students
  • Lannon, named in honor of former president Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.; located next to Rashford; complex which houses 254 students)
  • Merion Gardens, apartment complex on City Avenue on the Merion side; 216 students reside here
  • Morris Quad Townhouses, opened in the fall of 1997; townhouses which accompany 116 students
  • Pennbrook, located on 63rd and City Avenue across the street from Overbrook Station
  • Rashford, named in honor of former president Rev. Nicholas Rashford, S.J.; located on City Avenue; apartment complex which houses 152 students

Student life buildingsEdit

  • Campion Student Center, named in honor of Saint Edmund Campion S.J.
  • Campus Commons, located on the Maguire Campus; converted chapel; serves as an area for students to relax or study
  • Hawks' Landing, home of the bookstore, Starbucks, and a six-story parking garage
  • Paris Auditorium/Dining Hall, located on Maguire Campus; Black Box Theatre & Campus Dining Hall
  • The Perch, has a lounge, games, pool tables, televisions, and a stage for students

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