List of Ngolas of Ndongo

The following is an incomplete List of Ngolas (ruler) of the Kingdom of Ndongo, a pre-colonial West−Central African state in what is now Angola.

The full title of those who ruled over the Northern Mbundu Kingdom of Ndongo was Ngola a Kilanje. The kingdom was south of Kingdom of Kongo. The last ruling dynasty moved east to the nearby Kingdom of Matamba, and continued to rule independently until 1741.

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Both Kings during that time period were at war with Njinga that considered herself to be the rightful ruler to the Kingdom of Ndongo. The loyalty of the Mbundu vassals, or sobas, changed continuously between Portugal and Njinga. Her Sovereignty was never recognised by Portugal until 1657, but during repeated occasions did she gain the fidelity of most of the Mbundu sobas. In 1642, the conquest of Luanda by the Dutch also technically cancels the Portuguese vassalage of the region at the time.[1]

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