List of New Zealand Rover Moots

There have been 79 National Rover Moots in New Zealand. The first was the Dominion Rover Scout Moot at New Brighton Racecourse, Christchurch in 1936 although there was a North island Moot in 1935.

New Zealand Rover Moots
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The Moot is held annually over Easter. The event entails three days of scheduled activities which include a community service project, sporting competitions, and a selection of day tours. A number of awards recognising Rover Crews and individuals for the service and programme they have run over the preceding year are awarded as part of the Moot.

The 2020 Moot was originally scheduled to be Déjà Vu Moot however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event had to be postponed, and the Moot was instead held online. In 2022 the Moot was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, due to concerns about organising and running the event while New Zealand was in the Red Light setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.1994 was Green Moot not The Moot


The following awards are presented annually at moot:

Zulu Shield - Presented to the Crew with the most complete Log Book, which should show that the Crew has maintained a balanced programme based on the aims of the Rover Programme

Baden Powel Lodge No. 381 Service Shield - Presented to the Crew with the most extensive service over the previous year.

Helen Thomas Memorial Trophy[1] - Awarded to a Rover, nominated by their Crew, as having shown outstanding commitment to service within Scouting and the community, setting an example to those around them, and who lives by the Scout Law. The nominee may be a member who has not been in Rovers for more than two years. Helen died tragically in a rafting accident while attending the 48th National Rover Moot in Timaru.

Moot Spirit AwardsEdit

Fergus McLaren Banner[2] - Initially awarded for camping standards at the Moot, but now awarded to the Rover Crew who best participates and shows good Rover spirit during the weekend and is considered the premier award for this section of Scouting. The banner that is currently presented has been in use from 2014 and is the fourth banner. The previous banners commenced use in 1944, 1976 and 1986. The banner is named after 2nd Lt. Fergus McLaren, a Dunedin Rover Scout, who was killed in Greece during the Second World War.[3]

Eastman Shield (Fastest Rover at the Moot) - Awarded to the individual Rover who contributes the most to the Moot spirit. Named for the Eastman Rover Crew from Palmerston North.

Nymph Trophy - Awarded to the crew whose female members contribute most to the success of the Moot.

Macho Trophy - Awarded to the crew whose male members contribute most to the success of the Moot.

Previous MootsEdit

List based on the New Zealand Badgers Club "The Histories Book: A History of New Zealand Scout District Badges" 4th Edition 2014 (preprint edition)

Year Name Location Organising Team Badge/Logo
1935 North Island Rover Moot Chateau Tongariro
1936 1st Dominion Rover Moot New Brighton Racecourse, Christchurch
1937 2nd Dominion Rover Moot Racecourse Hill, Lansdowne, Masterton
1938 3rd Dominion Rover Moot Timaru
1939 4th Dominion Rover Moot Heretaunga, Upper Hutt
1940 5th Dominion Rover Moot Christchurch
1941 Memorial Rover Scout Moot Taita Upper Hutt
1944 6th Dominion Rover Moot Rangiora, Canterbury
Date? 7th Dominion Rover Moot Lower Hutt
Date? 8th Dominion Rover Moot Dunedin
Date? 9th Dominion Rover Moot Rotorua
1951 10th Dominion Rover Moot Tatum Park Hutt
1952 11th Dominion Rover Moot Cracroft House, Cashmere, Christchurch
1953 12th Dominion Rover Moot The Narrows, Ngaruawahia
1954 13th Dominion Rover Moot Timaru
1955 14th Dominion Rover Moot Wanganui
1956 15th Dominion Rover Moot Waiora, Otago
1957 16th Dominion Rover Moot Levin
1959 17th Dominion Rover Moot Little River, Banks Peninsula
1960 18th Dominion Rover Moot Kahuterawa Reserve, Palmerston North
1961 19th Dominion Rover Moot Raincliff, Timaru
1962 20th Dominion Rover Moot Ness Valley, Clevedon
1963 21st Dominion Rover Moot Waiora, Dunedin
1964 22nd Dominion Rover Moot Dunedin
1964/5 Regional Rover Moot Waiora, Dunedin
1965 23rd Dominion Rover Moot (Hoiho Moot) Tauranga
1966 24th National Rover Moot Blue Skies, Christchurch
1967 25th National Rover Moot Brookfield, Wellington
1968 26th National Rover Moot Waiora
1969 27th National Rover Moot Wanganui
1970 28th National Rover Moot (Mania-o-roto) Ashburton
1971 29th National Rover Moot Camp Sladdin, South Auckland
1972 30th National Rover Moot Blue Skies, Christchurch
1973 31st National Rover Moot Brookfield, Wellington
1974 32nd South Pacific Rover Moot Christchurch
1975 33rd National Rover Moot Scoutlands Wanganui
1976 34th National Rover Moot Timaru
1977 35th National Rover Moot Motumoana, Auckland
1978 36th National Rover Moot Dunedin
1979 37th National Rover Moot Waikato
1980 38th National Rover Moot Brookfield, Wellington
1981 39th National Rover Moot Lincoln University, Canterbury
1982 40th National Rover Moot Manawatu
1983 41st National Rover Moot Rotorua
1984 42nd National Rover Moot Oamaru
1985 43rd National Rover Moot New Plymouth
1986 44th National/5th Asia-Pacific Rover Scout Moot (Golden Jubilee Moot) Christchurch
1987 45th National Rover Moot Auckland
1988 46th National Rover Moot Southland
1989 47th National Rover Moot Wellington
1990 48th National Rover Moot (Aorangi) Timaru
1991 49th National Rover Moot Queenstown
1992 50th National Rover Moot (The Golden Moot ) Feilding
1993 51st National Rover Moot ('Monsta' Moot) Auckland
1994 52nd National Rover Moot (The Moot) Lincoln, Canterbury
1995 53rd National Rover Moot (Absolutely Positively Moot) Wellington
1996 54th National Rover Moot (Medieval Moot) Kerikeri High School, Northland
1997 55th National Rover Moot (Scottish Moot) Logan Park High School, Dunedin
1998 56th National Rover Moot (RARC UP) Wanganui
1999 57th National Rover Moot (Rock Moot) Nelson
2000 58th National Rover Moot (Nautical Moot) Whangaparaoa, Auckland
2001 59th National Rover Moot (Dam Moot) Fairlie, South Canterbury
2002 60th National Rover Moot (Welly Moot) Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, Wellington
2003 61st National Rover Moot (Gumboot Moot) Ruakawa, Wanganui
2004 62nd National Rover Moot (Skool Moot) Te Kauri Lodge, Kawhia, Waikato Auckland Area
2005 63rd National Rover Moot (Medieval Moot) Eyrewell Forest, Canterbury
2006 64th National Rover Moot (Winterless Wonderland Moot) Dargaville, Northland
2007 65th National Rover Moot (I Am Moot) Waiora, Dunedin Otago Rover Crew
2008 66th National Rover Moot (Midnight Moot) Otaki
2009 67th National Rover Moot (Jafa Moot) Helensville
2010 68th National Rover Moot (Hero Moot) Omaka, Canterbury
2011 69th National Rover Moot (Sm69th Moot) Waiotapu - Rotorua
2012 70th National Rover Moot (Windback Moot) Trefoil Park, Kaikohe, Northland
2013 71st National Rover Moot (Rapa Moot) Wairarapa Pursuits Centre, Masterton, Wairarapa Lower North Island
2014 72nd National Rover Moot (EntertainMoot) Ashley Gorge Holiday Park, North Canterbury, Canterbury Upper South Island
2015 73rd National Rover Moot (She'll Be Right Moot) Karamu Trail Track, Karamu, Waikato Central North Island Region (CNIRS)
2016 74th National Rover Moot (Deco Moot) Riverpark Event Centre, Waipawa, Hawkes Bay Lower North Island
2017 75th National Rover Moot (Big Bang Moot) Ahuroa Volunteer Rural Fire Station, Ahuroa, Auckland Upper North Island
2018 76th National Rover Moot (Euromoot) Ashburton Upper South Island Region
2019 77th National Rover Moot (Once Upon A Moot) Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre, Wainuiomata, Wellington Lower North Island Region
2020 78th National Rover Moot (MOTI-Moot On The Internet) Online Upper North Island & National Rover Team
2021 79th National Rover Moot (Déjà Vu Moot) Aka Aka Primary School,Waiuku Upper North Island Region
2023 80th National Rover Moot (Wild Moot) Hokitika Upper South Island Region


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