List of Magic: The Gathering novels

The following is a list of novels based in the setting of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. When Wizards of the Coast was asked how the novels and cards influence each other, Brady Dommermuth, Magic's Creative Director, responded by saying "generally the cards provide the world in which the novels are set, and the novels sometimes provide characters represented on cards. But cards also introduce their own characters that might not appear in the novels. In short, the Magic creative team and the novelists work largely in parallel and inform each other as much as possible."[1] All of the novels take place in the multiverse (the center nexus of which is Dominaria), which consists of an infinite number of infinitely different planes.[2][3]

The novels from The Brothers' War through Scourge, along with The Thran and the ...of Magic anthologies, are set on the plane of Dominaria and are a roughly chronological timeline of that plane's history.[4] Magic began to venture out of Dominaria and into several new planes in the later novels such as Mirrodin (formerly Argentum) in the Mirrodin Cycle,[5] Kamigawa in the Kamigawa Cycle,[6] and Ravnica in the Ravnica Cycle.[7] The Magic storyline returned to Dominaria with the Time Spiral cycle,[8] and visited Lorwyn with the storyline cycle of the same name.[9] After this, the policy of publishing a trilogy of novels for each year's setting was discontinued; the Alara, Zendikar and Scars of Mirrodin block settings had only a single novel each.

Theros was the last block to receive a companion novel, and only in e-book form, with Wizards of the Coast citing various reasons including a decline in sales and an outdated model as two major contributing factors for the decision. Beginning with the Khans block in 2013, the company decided to tell the storyline through the cards and free online articles and found that more players were familiar with the block story line than were previously when only novels told the story.[10][11][12]

This approach continued through 2017. Then, Wizards of the Coast hired novelist and scriptwriter Nic Kelman as their Head of Story and Entertainment. Kelman's task was to assemble all of the lore established from previous card sets and the published novels, comics, and other materials as to create the game's "cosmology" or the story bible that established all the known planes and elements of those planes, the individual Planeswalkers and their connections to others, and other details that then could be passed not only to the teams developing new cards but also to those expanding the franchise with new novels and other content.[13][14] In 2018, Brandon Sanderson published an e-book, Children of the Nameless, marking the return of novels.[15][16] War of the Spark: Ravnica (2019) by Greg Weisman was the first print book after an eight-year break. It corresponded with the final set of a three part Ravnica storyline[17][13] and received a sequel. However, the sequel was widely panned[18][19] and Wizards of the Coast "canceled plans for the book that was intended for the game's next set, Theros: Beyond Death".[20] Then in 2020, with the Zendikar Rising (2020) set, the Magic storyline returned via story articles on the official website.[21]

Non-cycle novels edit

The original ten books were deliberately not numbered as a marketing concern. The publishers thought people might shy away from a multi-book series. Some stories are connected, some not. The heroes of Arena, Garth and Rakel, appear in Shattered Chains. The books Whispering Woods, Shattered Chains, and Final Sacrifice are known as the "Whispering Woods Trilogy" or "The Greensleeves Trilogy".[22]

All of the non-cycle books were published by Harper Fantasy.[23]

Year Title Author Pages ISBN
1994 Arena William R. Forstchen 297 ISBN 0-06-105424-0
1995 Whispering Woods Clayton Emery 294 ISBN 0-06-105418-6
1995 Shattered Chains Clayton Emery 288 ISBN 0-06-105419-4
1995 Final Sacrifice Clayton Emery 312 ISBN 0-7522-0217-0
1995 The Cursed Land Teri McLaren 290 ISBN 0-06-105016-4
1995 The Prodigal Sorcerer Mark C. Sumner 309 ISBN 0-06-105476-3
1996 Ashes of the Sun Hanovi Braddock 304 ISBN 0-06-105649-9
1996 Song of Time Teri McLaren 304 ISBN 0-06-105622-7
1996 And Peace Shall Sleep Sonia Orin Lyris 304 ISBN 0-06-105619-7
1996 Dark Legacy Robert E. Vardeman 368 ISBN 0-06-105697-9

Cycles and block novels edit

Cycle novels edit

All of the below cycled or series books have been published by Wizards of the Coast.[23]

Cycle Year Title Author Pages ISBN
Artifacts 1998 The Brothers' War Jeff Grubb 409 ISBN 0-7869-1170-0
1998 Planeswalker Lynn Abbey 359 ISBN 0-7869-1182-4
1999 Time Streams J. Robert King 343 ISBN 0-7869-1344-4
1999 Bloodlines: The Story of Urza's Destiny Loren L. Coleman 343 ISBN 0-7869-1380-0
1999 The Thran J. Robert King 311 ISBN 0-7869-1600-1
Ice Age 1999 The Gathering Dark Jeff Grubb 342 ISBN 0-7869-1357-6
2000 The Eternal Ice Jeff Grubb 320 ISBN 0-7869-1562-5
2000 The Shattered Alliance Jeff Grubb 309 ISBN 0-7869-1403-3
Masquerade 1999 Mercadian Masques Francis Lebaron 341 ISBN 0-7869-1188-3
2000 Nemesis Paul B. Thompson 320 ISBN 0-7869-1559-5
2000 Prophecy Vance Moore 311 ISBN 0-7869-1570-6
Invasion 2000 Invasion J. Robert King 311 ISBN 0-7869-1438-6
2001 Planeshift J. Robert King 311 ISBN 0-7869-1802-0
2001 Apocalypse J. Robert King 308 ISBN 0-7869-1880-2
Odyssey 2000 Odyssey Vance Moore 320 ISBN 0-7869-1900-0
2001 Chainer's Torment Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-2696-1
2001 Judgment Will McDermott 320 ISBN 0-7869-2743-7
Legends 2001 Johan Clayton Emery 311 ISBN 0-7869-1803-9
2001 Jedit Clayton Emery 320 ISBN 0-7869-1907-8
2002 Hazezon Clayton Emery 320 ISBN 0-7869-2792-5
Legends II 2002 Assassin's Blade Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-2830-1
2003 Emperor's Fist Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-2935-9
2003 Champion's Trial Scott McGough 306 ISBN 0-7869-3015-2
Onslaught 2002 Onslaught J. Robert King 320 ISBN 0-7869-2801-8
2003 Legions J. Robert King 312 ISBN 0-7869-2914-6
2003 Scourge J. Robert King 320 ISBN 0-7869-2956-1
Mirrodin 2003 The Moons of Mirrodin Will McDermott 320 ISBN 0-7869-2995-2
2004 The Darksteel Eye Jess Lebow 320 ISBN 0-7869-3140-X
2004 The Fifth Dawn Cory Herndon 320 ISBN 0-7869-3205-8
Kamigawa 2004 Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-3357-7
2005 Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-3575-8
2005 Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-3786-6
Ravnica 2005 Ravnica: City of Guilds Cory J. Herndon 320 ISBN 0-7869-3792-0
2006 Guildpact Cory J. Herndon 320 ISBN 0-7869-3989-3
2006 Dissension Cory J. Herndon 320 ISBN 0-7869-4001-8
Time Spiral 2006 Time Spiral Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-3988-5
2007 Planar Chaos Scott McGough, Timothy Sanders 320 ISBN 0-7869-4249-5
2007 Future Sight Scott McGough, John Delaney 320 ISBN 0-7869-4269-X
Lorwyn 2007 Lorwyn Cory J. Herndon, Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-4292-4
2008 Morningtide Cory J. Herndon, Scott McGough 320 ISBN 0-7869-4790-X
Lorwyn II: Shadowmoor 2008 Shadowmoor Philip Athans, Susan J. Morris 352 ISBN 0-7869-4840-X
2008 Eventide Scott McGough, Cory J. Herndon 320 ISBN 0-7869-4868-X

Block novels edit

Block novels are novels which replaced the trilogy (or tetralogy) of novels previously released corresponding to each Magic set. They were introduced in 2009 with Alara Unbroken released for the Shards of Alara block. As the name suggests the block novel follows the story of the card block of the same name.[24]

Year Title Author Pages ISBN
2009 Alara Unbroken Doug Beyer 320 ISBN 0-7869-5201-6
2010 Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum Robert B. Wintermute 320 ISBN 0-7869-5476-0
2011 Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn Robert B. Wintermute 320 ISBN 0-7869-5774-3

Other novels edit

These novels were connected to specific expansion sets without blocks.

Year Title Author Publisher Pages ISBN
2019 War of the Spark: Ravnica Greg Weisman Del Ray Books 384 ISBN 978-1984817457
2019 War of the Spark: Forsaken Greg Weisman Del Ray Books 416 ISBN 978-1984817945

Planeswalker novels edit

The Planeswalker novels are a type of Magic novel that was introduced in 2009. Each follows the story of one of Magic's planeswalkers. The first yearly planeswalker novel was released in the winter and the second in the summer of 2009.[24]

Year Title Author Pages Planeswalker ISBN
2009 Agents of Artifice Ari Marmell 390 Jace Beleren ISBN 0-7869-5134-6
2009 The Purifying Fire Laura Resnick 400 Chandra Nalaar ISBN 0-7869-5298-9
2010 Test of Metal Matthew Stover 352 Tezzeret ISBN 0-7869-5532-5
2020 Chandra Vita Ayala 96 Chandra Nalaar ISBN 1-6840-5427-3

Block novellas / eBooks edit

For the Return to Ravnica block, a 3-part novella by Doug Beyer was released.[25] Similarly a 2 part novella by Jenna Helland was released for the Theros block.

Block Year Title Author Pages
Return to Ravnica 2012 Return to Ravnica: The Secretist, Part One Doug Beyer 67
2013 Gatecrash: The Secretist, Part Two Doug Beyer 97
2013 Dragon's Maze: The Secretist, Part Three Doug Beyer 90
Theros April 1, 2014 Theros: Godsend, Part I Jenna Helland 124
May 13, 2014 Journey Into Nyx: Godsend, Part II Jenna Helland 139
Blockless e-books December 12, 2018 Children of the Nameless Brandon Sanderson 127
September 4, 2019 Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest Kate Elliott 208
April 7, 2020 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - Sundered Bond Django Wexler 174

Anthologies edit

The first two Anthologies, Tapestries and Distant Planes were published by Harper Fantasy while all of the others since then have been published by Wizards of the Coast.[23]

Year Title Author Pages ISBN
1995 Tapestries Kathy Ice 290 ISBN 0-06-105308-2
1995 Distant Planes Kathy Ice 384 ISBN 0-06-105765-7
1998 Rath and Storm Peter Archer 311 ISBN 0-7869-1175-1
1999 The Colors of Magic Jess Lebow 342 ISBN 0-7869-1323-1
2000 Myths of Magic Jess Lebow 304 ISBN 0-7869-1529-3
2001 Dragons of Magic J. Robert King 320 ISBN 0-7869-1872-1
2002 The Secrets of Magic J. Robert King 320 ISBN 0-7869-2710-0
2003 Monsters of Magic J. Robert King 320 ISBN 0-7869-2983-9

Others edit

Category Year Title Author Publisher Pages ISBN
Graphic novels 1999 Gerrard's Quest Mike Grell, Pop Mhan, Norman Le Dark Horse Comics 112 ISBN 1-56971-403-7
Novel compilations 2009 Artifacts Cycle I J. Robert King, Jeff Grubb Wizards of the Coast 720 ISBN 0-7869-5305-5
2009 Artifacts Cycle II Lynn Abbey, J. Robert King, Loren L. Coleman Wizards of the Coast 768 ISBN 0-7869-5306-3
Web comic compilations 2010 Path of the Planeswalker Doug Beyer, Brady Dommermuth, Jenna Helland Wizards of the Coast 192 ISBN 0-7869-5367-5
2011 Path of the Planeswalker II Doug Beyer, Brady Dommermuth, Jenna Helland Wizards of the Coast 160 ISBN 0-7869-5852-9
2012 Magic the Gathering: Vol. 1 Matt Forbeck, Martin Coccolo IDW Publishing 104 N/A (eBook)
2012 Magic the Gathering: Vol. 2 - The Spell Thief Matt Forbeck, Martin Coccolo, Christian Duce, Dan Scott IDW Publishing 104 N/A (eBook)

The Planeswalker's Guide Series edit

The Planeswalker's Guide Series was a planned series of novels which were to start with A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara in September 2008. Each novel was going to contain information, concept art, card art, etc... about the plane it is dedicated to.[24] The series was later changed to web article series after the first book did not sell as well as the publisher hoped.[26]

Year Title Author Pages ISBN
2008 A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara Doug Beyer, Jenna Helland 160 ISBN 0-7869-5124-9

Notes edit

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