List of KGB defectors

This is a list of KGB officers and agents who have defected.

Aleksei Myagkov in 1977
Name Defection date Country of defection Comment
Georgiy Sergeyevich Agabekov[1] 1930 France France
Oleg Agraniants[2] 1986 Tunisia Tunisia
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Bezmenov[3] 1970 Canada Canada Intelligence agent, not officer
Igor Nikolayevich Cherpinskiy[4] 1990 Belgium Belgium
Petr Sergeyevich Deryabin[1][5] 1953 Austria Austria
Ilya Grigoryevich Dzhirkvelov[5] 1980 Switzerland Switzerland
Anatoliy Mikhailovich Golitsyn[5] 1961, December 15 Finland Finland
Oleg Antonovich Gordievsky 1985, July 19 United Kingdom United Kingdom
Anatoliy Mikhailovich Granovskiy 1946 Sweden Sweden
Reino Häyhänen 1957 United States United States
Imants Lešinskis[6] 1978[7] United States United States
Lev Borisovich Helfand[1] 1940 Italy Italy
Sergey Sergeyevich Illarionov[8] 1992 Italy Italy
Nikolay Yevgenyevich Khokhlov 1954 Germany Germany
Sergey Nikolayevich Kourdakov 1971, September 4 Canada Canada Intelligence agent, not officer
Viktor Andreyevich Kravchenko[1][5] 1944 United States United States Not an intelligence officer
Walter Germanovich Krivitskiy[1] 1937, October France France
Yuri Vasilevich Krotkov 1963 United Kingdom United Kingdom KGB agent, not officer
Vladimir Anatolyevich Kuzichkin 1982 Iran Iran
Stanislav Aleksandrovich Levchenko[5] 1979, October Japan Japan
Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin[5] 1971 United Kingdom United Kingdom
Genrikh Samoilovich Lyushkov 1938 Japan Japan
Vasiliy Nikitich Mitrokhin 1992 Latvia Latvia
Aleksey Alekseyevich Myagkov[5] 1974 Germany West Berlin
Yuriy Ivanovich Nosenko[9] 1962 Switzerland Switzerland Authenticity of defection disputed[5]
Artush Oganesyan[10] 1971 or 1972 Turkey Turkey
Viktor Alekseyevich Oshchenko[11] 1992, July United Kingdom United Kingdom
Aleksandr Mikhailovich Orlov[1] 1938 Canada Canada Authenticity of defection disputed[5]
Igor Grigoryevich Orlov 1943 Nazi Germany Germany Re-recruited as Soviet agent in 1949
Vladimir Mikhaylovich Petrov[1][5] 1954, April 3 Australia Australia
Yevdokiya Alekseyevna Petrova 1954, April 19 Australia Australia
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Rastvorov[1] 1954 Japan Japan
Vasiliy Mikhailovich Sharandak[1] 1947 Austria Austria
Viktor Ivanovich Sheymov[12] 1980 Unknown
Bohdan Mykolayovych Stashynsky 1961 Germany West Berlin
Vitaly Sergeyevich Yurchenko 1985 Italy Italy Authenticity of defection disputed;
later returned to USSR.[5]
Aleksandr Nikolayevich Poteyev 2010, June 26 Belarus Belarus KGB colonel, as well as officer in the SVR

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