List of IBS Centers

IBS Centers are research centers operated by the Institute for Basic Science. There are 31 institutes as of August 2020.[1] Centers are organized into six disciplines according to their research area:[2]

HQ, campus, and extramuralEdit

As of August 2020, the following HQ, campus, and extramural IBS Centers exist (in alphabetical order):[1]

Name Director City, university Research area
Center for Artificial Low Dimensional Electronic Systems Yeom Han-woong Pohang, POSTECH Physics
Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research Yannis K. Semertzidis Daejeon, HQ Physics
Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalizations Chang Sukbok Daejeon, KAIST Chemistry
Center for Climate Physics Axel Timmermann Busan, Pusan National University Earth science
Center for Cognition and Sociality - Social Neuroscience Group Shin Hee-Sup Daejeon, HQ Life sciences
Center for Cognition and Sociality - Cognitive Glioscience Group Changjoon Justin Lee Daejeon, HQ Life sciences
Center for Complex Geometry Hwang Jun-Muk Daejeon, HQ Mathematics
Center for Correlated Electron Systems Noh Tae-won Seoul, Seoul National University Physics
Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies Kevin Insik Hahn Daejeon, HQ Physics
Center for Genome Engineering Kim Jin-Soo Seoul, Seoul National University Interdisciplinary
Center for Genomic Integrity Myung Kyungjae Ulsan, UNIST Life sciences
Center for Geometry and Physics Oh Yong-Geun Pohang, POSTECH Mathematics
Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics Lee Young Hee Suwon, Sungkyunkwan University Physics
Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics Cho Minhaeng Seoul, Korea University Chemistry
Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials Rodney S. Ruoff Ulsan, UNIST Chemistry
Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions Ryoo Ryong Daejeon, KAIST Chemistry
Center for Nanomedicine Cheon Jinwoo Seoul, Yonsei University Interdisciplinary
Center for Nanoparticle Research Hyeon Taeghwan Seoul, Seoul National University Chemistry
Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research Kim Seong-gi Suwon, Sungkyunkwan University Interdisciplinary
Center for Plant Aging Research Nam Hong Gil Daegu, DGIST Life sciences
Center for Quantum Nanoscience Andreas J. Heinrich Seoul, Ewha Womans University Physics
Center for Relativistic Laser Science Nam Chang-hee Gwangju, GIST Physics
Center for RNA Research Kim V. Narry Seoul, Seoul National University Life sciences
Center for Self-assembly and Complexity Kim Kimoon Pohang, POSTECH Chemistry
Center for Soft and Living Matter Steve Granick Ulsan, UNIST Interdisciplinary
Center for Synaptic Brain Dysfunctions Kim EunJoon Daejeon, KAIST Life sciences
Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems Sergej Flach Daejeon, HQ Physics
Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe Choi Kiwoon Daejeon, HQ Physics
Center for Underground Physics Kim Yeongduk (ko) Daejeon, HQ Physics
Center for Vascular Research Koh Gou Young Daejeon, KAIST Life sciences

Pioneer research centersEdit

Pioneer Research Centers (PRC) are headquarters-based centers headed not by a director, but by a group of up to five chief investigators. As of October 2019, the following IBS pioneer research centers exist (in alphabetical order):[3]

Name Group Chief investigator Research area
PRC for Biomolecular and Cellular Structure Data Science Research Group Kim Ho Min Interdisciplinary
PRC for Mathematical and Computational Sciences Data Science Group Cha Meeyoung Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics Group Oum Sang-il Mathematics

Former centerEdit

Name Director City, University Research area Closure date
Academy of Immunology and Microbiology Charles Surh Pohang, POSTECH Life sciences October 2019

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