List of German films of 1933–1945

The Nazi German era lasted from Adolf Hitler's assumption of power on 30 January 1933 to Karl Dönitz's surrender at the end of World War II on 8 May 1945. While not as highly regarded as films of the preceding Weimar Republic era,[citation needed] the films of Nazi Germany, mainly made under control of Joseph Goebbels, hold a fascination for many,[citation needed] both as historical documents of one of the most important periods of 20th century history, as well as for their own artistic merit. While some of them are popular only within the Neo-Nazi subculture, comedies starring Heinz Rühmann rank among the favourites of all Germans, and the propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl have been influential, though controversial.

A total of 1,084 feature films were shown in cinemas in Nazi Germany.[1]


Note: This year includes films released during both the Weimar and Nazi eras














Note: These were series of films that, in most cases, spanned multiple years.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Agfa-Schmalfilm-Monatsschau Produced by IG Farben
Degeto Weltspiegel
Die Deutsche Monatsschau The German Monthly Show; newsreel series
Die Deutsche Wochenschau The German Weekly Show; newsreel series
Deutscher Sport im Kriegsjahr Produced by IG Farben
Echo der Heimat
Die Frontschau Fritz Hippler The Front Show; Series of technical films shown to soldiers before they were sent to the Eastern Front
Junges Europa
Panorama Monthly news human interest series; in color
UFA Tonewoche

Uncompleted or unreleasedEdit

Films that could not be complete or released until after the end of World War II.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Eine alltägliche Geschichte Günther Rittau Gustav Fröhlich, Marianne Simson, Karl Schönböck An everyday story
Am Ende der Welt Gustav Ucicky Brigitte Horney, Attila Hörbiger, Bogusław Samborski At the end of the world
Das Ghetto Documentary Filmed in 1942, never finished; subject of the 2010 documentary A Film Unfinished
Das Leben geht weiter [de] Wolfgang Liebeneiner Heinrich George, Marianne Hoppe, Hilde Krahl, Viktor de Kowa, Gustav Knuth Life Continues
Das kalte Herz Karl Ulrich Schnabel Filmed in 1933 and released 2016
Das Mädchen Juanita Wolfgang Staudte Documentary
Shiva und die Galgenblume [de] Hans Steinhoff Hans Albers In Agfacolor
Tiefland Leni Riefenstahl Filmed 1940–1944, the film was completed after World War II and released in 1954
Unter den Brücken Helmut Käutner Under the Bridges


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