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List of Fabian Tracts (1884–1915)

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Edward R. Pease

This is a list of Fabian Tracts of The Fabian Society published up to the end of 1915. It is extracted from Edward R. Pease's history of the society published in 1916. Pease was a founding member of the society. A great number of additional tracts and other series of Fabian books have since been published. The list is continued at List of Fabian Tracts since 1916.

Many tracts were issued without the author's name and not all authors were members of the Society.[1]

Entries are in the form Tract Number/Title/Pages/Author.

* = non-member



Number Title Pages Author Year
1 Why are the Many Poor? 4 W.L. Phillips 1884
2 A Manifesto 4 G. Bernard Shaw 1884
3 To Provident Landlords and Capitalists: A Suggestion and a Warning 4 G. Bernard Shaw 1885
4 What Socialism Is 12 Charlotte M. Wilson and others 1886
5 Facts for Socialists 16 Sidney Webb 1887
6 The True Radical Programme (Fabian Parliamentary League) 12 G. Bernard Shaw 1887
7 Capital and Land 16 Sydney Olivier 1888
8 Facts for Londoners 56 Sidney Webb 1889
9 An Eight Hours Bill 16 Sidney Webb 1889
10 Figures for Londoners 4 Sidney Webb 1889
11 The Workers' Political Programme 20 Sidney Webb 1890
12 Practical Land Nationalisation 4 Sidney Webb 1890
13 What Socialism Is 4 Bernard Shaw 1890
14 The New Reform Bill 20 J. F. Oakeshott and others 1890
15 English Progress towards Social Democracy 16 Sidney Webb 1890
16 A Plea for an Eight Hours Bill 4 Sidney Webb 1890
17 Reform of the Poor Law 20 Sidney Webb 1890
18 Facts for Bristol 20 Hartmann W. Just 1890
19 What the Farm Labourer Wants 4 Sidney Webb 1890
20 Questions for Poor Law Guardians 4 South West Group 1890
21 Questions for London Vestrymen 4 C. Foulger 1890
22 The Truth about Leasehold Enfranchisement 4 Sidney Webb 1890


23. The Case for an Eight Hours Bill. 16 pp. Sidney Webb.

24. Questions for Parliamentary Candidates. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

25. Questions for School Board Candidates. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

26. Questions for London County Councillors. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

27. Questions for Town Councillors. 4 pp. Rev. C. Peach.

28. Questions for County Council Candidates (Rural). 4 pp. F. Hudson.

29. What to Read. 48 pp. Graham Wallas (1st edition). (Fifth edition, 1910, not included in the series.)

30. The Unearned Increment. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

31. London's Heritage in the City Guilds. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

32. The Municipalisation of the Gas Supply. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

33. Municipal Tramways. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

34. London's Water Tribute. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

35. The Municipalisation of the London Docks. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

36. The Scandal of London's Markets. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

37. A Labour Policy for Public Authorities. 4 pp. Sidney Webb.

38. Welsh Translation of No. 1.


39. A Democratic Budget. 16 pp. J.F. Oakeshott .

40. Fabian Election Manifesto. 16 pp. Bernard Shaw.

41. The Fabian Society: What it has done and how it has done it. 32 pp. G. Bernard Shaw.

42. Christian Socialism. 16 pp. Rev. Stewart D. Headlam.

43. Vote! Vote! Vote! 2 pp. Bernard Shaw.


44. A Plea for Poor Law Reform. 4 pp. Frederick Whelen .

45. Impossibilities of Anarchism. 28 pp. G. Bernard Shaw.

46. Socialism and Sailors. 16 pp. B.T. Hall.

47. The Unemployed. (Rt. Hon.) John Burns.

48. Eight Hours by Law. Henry W. Macrosty.


49. A Plan of Campaign for Labour. 28 pp. G. Bernard Shaw.

50. Sweating: Its Cause and Remedy. 16 pp. H.W. Macrosty.

51. Socialism: True and False. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

52. State Education at Home and Abroad. 16 pp. John William Martin.

53. The Parish Councils Act: What it is and how to work it. 20 pp. (Rt. Hon.) Herbert Samuel.*

54. Humanising of the Poor Law. 24 pp. J.F. Oakeshott.

55. The Workers' School Board Programme. 20 pp. J.W. Martin.

56. Questions for Parish Council Candidates. 4 pp. (Rt. Hon.) Herbert Samuel.*

57. Questions for Rural District Council Candidates. 4 pp. (Rt. Hon.) Herbert Samuel.*

58. Allotments and How to Get Them. 4 pp. (Rt. Hon.) Herbert Samuel.*

59. Questions for Candidates for Urban District Councils. 4 pp.

60. The London Vestries: What they are and what they do. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.


61. The London County Council: What it is and what it does. 16 pp. J.F. Oakeshott.

62. Parish and District Councils: What they are and what they can do. 16 pp. (No. 53 re-written.)

63. Parish Council Cottages and how to get them. 4 pp. Edward R. Pease.

64. How to Lose and how to Win an Election. 2 pp. Ramsay MacDonald.

65. Trade Unionists and Politics. 2 pp. Frank Wallace Galton.

66. A Program for Workers. 2 pp. Edw. R. Pease.


67. Women and the Factory Acts. 16 pp. Mrs. Sidney Webb.

68. The Tenant's Sanitary Catechism. 4 pp. Arthur Hickmott.

69. The Difficulties of Individualism. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

70. Report on Fabian Policy. 16 pp. Bernard Shaw.

71. The (London) Tenant's Sanitary Catechism. 4 pp. Miss Grove.

72. The Moral Aspects of Socialism. 24 pp. Sidney Ball.

73. The Case for State Pensions in Old Age. 16 pp. George Turner.

74. The State and Its Functions in New Zealand. 16 pp. The Hon. W. P. Reeves.*


75. Labour in the Longest Reign. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

76. Houses for the People. 20 pp. Arthur Hickmott.

77. The Municipalisation of Tramways. 16 pp. F.T.H. Henlé.

78. Socialism and the Teaching of Christ. 16 pp. Rev. John Clifford, D.D.

79. A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich. 16 pp. John Woolman.*

80. Shop Life and its Reform. 16 pp. William Johnson.

81. Municipal Water. 4 pp. C.M. Knowles.*

82. The Workmen's Compensation Act. 20 pp. C.R. Allen, junr.

83. State Arbitration and the Living Wage. 16 pp. H.W. Macrosty.

84. The Economics of Direct Employment. 16 pp. Sidney Webb.

85. Liquor Licensing at Home and Abroad. 16 pp. Edw. R. Pease.

86. Municipal Drink Traffic. 20 pp. Edw. R. Pease.


87. A Welsh Translation of No. 78. 16 pp.

88. The Growth of Monopoly in English Industry. 16 pp. Henry W. Macrosty.

89. Old Age Pensions at Work. 4 pp. Bullock.

90. The Municipalisation of the Milk Supply. 4 pp. Dr. G.F. McCleary.

91. Municipal Pawnshops. 4 pp. Charles Charrington.

92. Municipal Slaughterhouses. 4 pp. George Standring.


93. Women as Councillors. 4 pp. Bernard Shaw.

94. Municipal Bakeries. 4 pp. Dr. G.F. McCleary.

95. Municipal Hospitals. 4 pp. Do.

96. Municipal Fire Insurance. 4 pp. (1901). Mary Macpherson.

97. Municipal Steamboats. 4 pp. (1901). Sidney Shallard.

98. State Railways for Ireland. 16 pp. Clement Edwards (M.P.).

99. Local Government in Ireland. C.R. Allen, junr.

100. Metropolitan Borough Councils: Their Powers and Duties. 20 pp. Henry W. Macrosty.

101. The House Famine and How to Relieve it. 52 pp. Various.

102. Questions for Candidates: Metropolitan Borough Councils. 4 pp. H.W. Macrosty.

103. Overcrowding in London and its Remedy. 16 pp. W. C. Steadman, M.P.

104. How Trade Unions Benefit Workmen. 4 pp. Edw. R. Pease.


105. Five Years' Fruit of the Parish Councils Act. 24 pp Sidney Webb.

106. The Education Muddle and the Way Out. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

107. Socialism for Millionaires. 16 pp. Bernard Shaw.

108. Twentieth Century Politics: A Policy of National Efficiency. 16 pp. Sidney Webb.


109. Cottage Plans and Common Sense. 16 pp. Raymond Unwin.

110. Problems of Indian Poverty. 16 pp. S.S. Thorburn.*

111. Reform of Reformatories and Industrial Schools. 16 pp. H.T. Holmes.

112. Life in the Laundry. 16 pp. Dr. G.F. McCleary.


113. Communism. 16 pp. William Morris.* Preface by Bernard Shaw.

114. The Education Act, 1902. How to make the best of it. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

115. State Aid to Agriculture. 16 pp. T.S. Dymond.*


116. Fabianism and the Fiscal Question: An Alternative Policy. 28 pp. Bernard Shaw.

117. The London Education Act, 1903: How to make the best of it. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

118. The Secret of Rural Depopulation. 20 pp. Lieut.-Col. D.C. Pedder.*


119. Public Control of Electric Power and Transit. 16 pp. S.G. Hobson.

120. After Bread, Education. 16 pp. Hubert Bland.

121. Public Service versus Private Expenditure. 12 pp. Sir Oliver Lodge.*

122. Municipal Milk and Public Health. 20 pp. F. Lawson Dodd.

123. The Revival of Agriculture: A National Policy for Great Britain. 24 pp. Henry W. Macrosty.

124. State Control of Trusts. 16 pp. Henry W. Macrosty.

125. Municipalisation by Provinces. 16 pp. William Stephen Sanders.


126. The Abolition of Poor Law Guardians. 24 pp. Edw. R. Pease.

127. Socialism and Labour Policy. 16 pp. Hubert Bland (Editor).

128. The Case for a Legal Minimum Wage. 20 pp. W. Stephen Sanders.

129. More Books to Read. 20 pp. Edw. R. Pease.


130. Home Work and Sweating: The Causes and Remedies. 20 pp. B. L. Hutchins.

131. The Decline in the Birth-rate. 20 pp. Sidney Webb.

132. A Guide to Books for Socialists. 12 pp. "The Nursery."

133. Socialism and Christianity. 24 pp. Rev. Percy Dearmer, D.D.

134. Small Holdings, Allotments, and Common Pastures. 4 pp. Revised edition of No. 58.

135. Paupers and Old Age Pensions. 16 pp. Sidney Webb.

136. The Village and the Landlord. 12 pp. Edward Carpenter.


137. Parish Councils and Village Life. 28pp. Revised version of No. 105.

138. Municipal Trading. 20 pp. Aylmer Maude.

139. Socialism and the Churches. 16 pp. Rev. John Clifford, D.D.

140. Child Labour Under Capitalism. 20 pp. Mrs. Hylton Dale.


141. (Welsh Translation of No. 139).

142. Rent and Value. 12 pp. Adapted by Mrs. Bernard Shaw from Fabian Essays, The Economic Basis.

143. Sosialaeth Yng Ngoleuni'R Beibl (Welsh). J.R. Jones.

144. Machinery: Its Masters and its Servants. 20 pp. Henry Herman Schloesser and Clement Game.

145. The Case for School Nurseries. 20 pp. Emily Townshend.

146. Socialism and Superior Brains. A Reply to Mr. Mallock. 24 pp. Bernard Shaw.

147. Capital and Compensation. 16 pp. Edward R. Pease.

148. What a Health Committee can do. 16 pp. Miss B.L. Hutchins.


149. The Endowment of Motherhood. 24 pp. Henry D. Harben.

150. State Purchase of Railways: A Practicable Scheme. 24 pp. Emil Davies.

151. The Point of Honour. A Correspondence on Aristocracy and Socialism. 16 pp. Mrs. Ruth Cavendish Bentinck.


152. Our Taxes as they are and as they ought to be. 20 pp. Robert Jones.

153. The Twentieth Century Reform Bill. 20 pp. Henry H. Schloesser (Slesser).

154. The Case for School Clinics. 16 pp. L. Haden Guest.

155. The Case against the Referendum. 20 pp. Clifford D. Sharp.

156. What an Education Committee can do (Elementary Schools). 36 pp. The Education Group.

157. The Working Life of Women. 16 pp. Miss B.L. Hutchins.

158. The Case Against the Charity Organisation Society. 20 pp. Mrs. Townshend.

159. The Necessary Basis of Society. 12 pp. Sidney Webb.

160. A National Medical Service. 20 pp. F. Lawson Dodd.


161. Afforestation and Unemployment. 16 pp. Arthur P. Grenfell.

162. Family Life on a Pound a Week. 24 pp. Mrs. Pember Reeves.

163. Women and Prisons. 28 pp. Helen Blagg and Charlotte Wilson.

164. Gold and State Banking. A Study in the Economics of Monopoly. 20 pp. Edward R. Pease.

165. Francis Place: The Tailor of Charing Cross. 28 pp. St. John G. Ervine.

166. Robert Owen: Social Reformer. 24 pp. Miss B.L. Hutchins.

167. William Morris and the Communist Ideal. 24 pp. Mrs. Townshend.


168. John Stuart Mill. 24 pp. Julius West.

169. The Socialist Movement in Germany. 28 pp. W. Stephen Sanders.

170. Profit-Sharing and Co-partnership: A fraud and a failure? 16 pp. Edward R. Pease.

171. The Nationalisation of Mines and Minerals Bill. 16 pp. Henry H. Schloesser (Slesser).

172. What about the Rates, or Municipal Finance and Municipal Autonomy. 12 pp. Sidney Webb.

173. Public versus Private Electricity Supply. 20 pp. C. Ashmore Baker.*


174. Charles Kingsley and Christian Socialism. 28 pp. Colwyn E. Vulliamy.

175. The Economic Foundations of the Women's Movement. 24 pp. M.A. (Mabel Atkinson).

176. War and the Workers. Handbook of some immediate measures to prevent Unemployment and relieve distress. 24 pp. Sidney Webb.


177. Socialism and the Arts of Use. 16 pp. A. Clutton Brock.

178. The War; Women; and Unemployment. 28 pp. The Women's Group Executive.

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  1. ^ Pease, Edward R. (1916) The history of the Fabian Society. New York: Dutton.

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