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List of Cold Case characters

This is a list of characters in the CBS television drama Cold Case.


Main charactersEdit

Character Portrayed by Occupation First appearance Last appearance Episodes
Det. Lillian "Lilly" Rush Kathryn Morris Homicide Detective "Look Again" "Shattered" 156
Lt. John Stillman John Finn Homicide Detective
Head of the Homicide Division
"Look Again" "Shattered" 156
Det. Scotty Valens Danny Pino Homicide Detective "Love Conquers Al" "Shattered" 149
Det. Nick Vera Jeremy Ratchford Homicide Detective "Look Again" "Shattered" 150
Det. Will Jeffries Thom Barry Homicide Detective
Asst. Supervisor
"Look Again" "Shattered" 150
Det. Kat Miller Tracie Thoms Homicide Detective
Formerly Narcotics Detective
"Honor" "Shattered" 97
Det. Chris Lassing Justin Chambers Homicide Detective "Look Again" "Churchgoing People" 3

Other charactersEdit

Police officersEdit

Character Portrayed by Occupation Status First appearance Last appearance
Det. Josie Sutton Sarah Brown Homicide Detective Alive
"Family" "Committed"
Det. Lennie Desalle Sonya Leslie Homicide Detective Alive
"The Woods" "The Woods"
Det. Gil Sherman Kevin McCorkle Detective
Head of the Fugitive Squad
Alive "Churchgoing People" "Committed"
Det. Eddie Saccardo Bobby Cannavale Narcotics Detective Alive
(Current location unknown)
"Bad Reputation" "Chinatown"
Patrick Doherty Keith Szarabajka Deputy Commissioner Alive "Street Money" "Shattered"
Ryan Cavanaugh Johnny Messner Senior Supervisory Special Agent
Alive "The Last Drive-In" "Free Love"
Diane "D" Yates Susanna Thompson Supervisory Special Agent
Alive "The Last Drive-In" "Free Love"


Character Portrayed by Status First appearance Last appearance
ADA Jason Kite Josh Hopkins Alive "Love Conquers Al" "Beautiful Little Fool"
(Voice only)
ADA Alexandra Thomas Bonnie Root Alive "The Key" "Sabotage"
ADA Curtis Bell Jonathan LaPaglia Alive "Street Money" "Free Love"
ADA David Cage T. E. Russell Alive "The River" "The River"
ADA William Danner Thomas Calabro Alive
"Death Penalty: Final Appeal" "The River"

Crime labEdit

Character Portrayed by Occupation Status First appearance Last appearance
Dr. Frannie Ching Susan Chuang Medical Examiner Alive "Maternal Instincts" "Shuffle, Ball Change"
Dr. Barnsley Dan Desmond Medical Examiner Alive
"The Letter" "The Letter"
Frankie Rafferty Tania Raymonde Laboratory Technician
Identification Unit
Alive "Pin Up Girl" "The Long Blue Line"
Louie Amante Doug Spinuzza CSI Alive "Gleen" "Two Weddings"

Family and friendsEdit

Character Portrayed by Relationship Status First appearance Last appearance
Ellen Rush Meredith Baxter Lilly's mother Deceased "Beautiful Little Fool" "Stalker"
Christina "Chris" Rush Nicki Aycox Lilly's sister Alive "Red Glare" "Shattered"
Paul Cooper Raymond J. Barry Lilly's father Alive "Wings" "Almost Paradise"
Finn Cooper Brett Davern Lilly's Half-brother Alive "Soul" "The Good Soldier"
Mike Valens Nestor Carbonell Scotty's Brother Alive "The War At Home" "The Key"
Ramiro Valens Ismael 'East' Carlo Scotty's father Alive "Hoodrats" "Almost Paradise"
Rosa Valens Terri Hoyos Scotty's mother Alive "Hoodrats" "Almost Paradise"
Lindsey Dunlay Bahni Turpin social worker, Lilly's high school friend Alive "Maternal Instincts" "Frank's Best"
Joseph Shaw Kenny Johnson counselor, Lilly's ex-boyfriend Alive "Joseph" "Saving Sammy"
Ray Williams Brennan Elliott Lilly's ex-boyfriend Alive "Dog Day Afternoons" "Saving Sammy"
Elisa Marisol Nichols Scotty's childhood friend, ex-fiance Deceased
(Presumed suicide)
"Volunteers" "Lover's Lane"

Notable criminalsEdit

Character Portrayed by Pathology Victims Survivors Status Episode
George Marks John Billingsley Serial Killer 11 2
(Lilly Rush)
(Gunshot wounds)
"Mind Hunters", "The Woods"
Cameron Coulter
Neal Hanlon
Kyle Gallner
Will Rothhaar
Mass Murderer
Mass Murderer
15 4
(1 injured)
Ed Marteson
(aka "Romeo")
Joe Reegan Mass Murderer
3 3
(Gunshot wounds)
"Stalker", "Thrill Kill"
(aka "Theseus" and "Theo Gamble")
Jamil Walker Smith Serial Killer
4 2 Deceased
"It Takes A Village"
Alessandro Rossilini Kim Coates Serial Bomber 2 4
(2 injured and 2 survived)
Arrested "Sabotage"
"John Smith" Damon Herriman Serial Killer
4 1 Arrested "The Road"
Paul Shepard Jonathan Brett (1978-1980), JB Blanc (1998-2010) Serial Killer 9 3 Arrested "The Last Drive-In", "Bullet"