List of Catholic dioceses in Egypt

The Catholic Church in Egypt is presently composed of an exempt Latin missionary jurisdiction and 14 Eastern Catholic (arch)eparchies (mainly the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate's province), but also yielded over 90 titular sees.

Current diocesesEdit


(Exempt, i.e. directly subject to the Holy See)

Eastern CatholicEdit

Alexandrian Rite
Byzantine Rite
Antiochian Rite
Armenian Rite
Chaldean Rite

Former seesEdit

Titular seesEdit

  • Metropolitan titular sees (one in each Late Roman province) : Antinoë (for Thebais Prima), Leontopolis in Augustamnica (for Augustamnica Secunda), Nubia *, Oxyrynchus (for Arcadia Aegypti), Pelusium (for Augustamnica Prima), Pelusium *, Ptolemais in Thebaide (for Thebais Secunda)
  • Other Archiepiscopal titular sees : Damiata (Crusader see; geographically identical with Tamiathis, now Damietta)
  • Episcopal titular sees : Agnus, Alphocranon, Andropolis, Antæopolis, Aphnæum, Aphroditopolis, Apollonopolis magna, Apollonopolis parva, Arabia, Arsinoë in Arcadia, Athribis, Babylon, Bubastis, Busiris, Butus, Cabasa, Casius, Cleopatris, Clysma, Coprithis, Coptus, Cusæ, Cynopolis in Ægypto, Cynopolis in Arcadia, Diocletianoplis in Thebaide, Diospolis inferior, Diospolis superior, Geras, Heliopolis in Augustamnica, Hephæstus, Heracleopolis magna, Hermonthis, Hermopolis parva, Hypselis, Iotapa in Palestina, Latopolis, Letopolis, Mareotes, Massimianopolis in Thebaide, Memphis, Menelaites, Metelis, Naucratis, Nicius, Nilopolis, Oasis magna, Ombi, Onuphis, Ostracine, Pachnemunis, Panephysis, Panopolis, Paralus, Petra in Ægypto, Phacusa, Pharan, Pharbæthus, Phatanus, Phelbes, Philæ, Phragonis, Pselchis, Rhinocorura, Sais, Sata, Schedia, Sebennytus, Sela, Sethroë, Syene, Tamiathis (now Damietta; geographically identical with Damiata), Tanasia, Tanis, Taua, Tentyris, Terenuthis, Thennesus, Theodosiopolis in Arcadia, Thinis, Thmuis, Thois, Xois, Zygris
  • Titular Apostolic Vicariates (both Latin and merged as titles with co-cathedrals into the residential Latin Apostolic Vicariate of Alexandria) : Heliopolis of Egypt (a Cairo suburb) and Port-Said (Suez Canal port)



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