List of British police officers killed in the line of duty

This article includes only those serving police officers who were killed as a direct result of a crime or while attempting to respond, prevent, stop or solve a specific criminal act. The list omits war-time deaths by enemy fire, such as the many police officers killed by air raids during the Second World War.[1] The list also omits the more than 300 officers of the former Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) killed in paramilitary assassinations or attacks during The Troubles.[2]


Name Rank Age Force Date of death Circumstances
Richard Ellerker PC 42 North Yorkshire Police 26 December 1993 Collapsed and died shortly after arresting a violent, drunk suspect[3]
Robert Chenery Gladwell PC 37 Metropolitan Police 6 January 1991 Died three weeks after being assaulted while carrying out an arrest[4]
Desmond Morgan Acreman PC 33 Metropolitan Police 12 February 1967 Accidentally run over while pursuing suspected thieves in Woolwich.[5][a]
Ronald Alan Addison PC 24 Metropolitan Police 24 January 1960 Collapsed and died of heart failure while pursuing suspects[6]
Raja Bashrat Ahmed PC 35 Greater Manchester Police 31 August 1999 Motorcycle rammed into oncoming traffic by suspect[7]
Jane Philippa Arbuthnot WPC 22 Metropolitan Police 17 December 1983 Killed in the Harrods bombing[8]
Alison Armitage PC 29 Greater Manchester Police 5 March 2001 Run over by suspect[9]
Jack William Avery WRC 28 Metropolitan Police 6 July 1940 Stabbed
Edward Alexander Barnett PC 24 City of Glasgow Police 4 January 1970 Shot during the Linwood bank robbery.
Clive Barratt DC 35 Suffolk Constabulary 28 July 1999 Motorcycle accident while on surveillance duty[10]
Andrew Barton Sgt 40 Northumbria Police 15 April 1913 Shot[11][b]
Douglas Frederick Beckerson PC 22 Metropolitan Police 10 April 1971 Fell through a roof while pursuing suspect[12]
Robert Bentley Sgt 36 City of London Police 17 December 1910 Shot during the Siege of Sidney Street
Sharon Beshenivsky PC 38 West Yorkshire Police 18 November 2005 Shot while responding to an armed robbery[9]
Brian John Bishop A/Sgt 37 Essex Police 27 August 1984 Shot
Keith Henry Blakelock PC 40 Metropolitan Police 6 October 1985 Stabbed in the Broadwater Farm riot[13]
Fiona Bone PC 32 Greater Manchester Police 18 September 2012 Killed in gun and grenade ambush alongside PC Nicola Hughes
Roger Brereton PC 41 Thames Valley Police 19 August 1987 Shot in the Hungerford massacre[14]
Ian Nigel Broadhurst PC 34 West Yorkshire Police 26 December 2003 Shot during the Leeds police shootings[9]
Laurence Peter Brown PC 27 Metropolitan Police 28 August 1990 Shot[15]
Gareth Browning PC 36 Thames Valley Police 1 April 2017 Struck by suspect vehicle while deploying a stinger in 2013[16]
Dugald Campbell Watchman unknown Edinburgh City Police 3 January 1812 Killed whilst attempting to stop a robbery during the Hogmanay riots.[17]
Gavin Carlton PC 29 West Midlands Police 19 December 1988 Shot while attempting to arrest armed bank robbers[18]
Joseph Geoffrey Carroll PC 46 Northumbria Police 13 April 2006 Traffic collision while transporting a prisoner[9]
Stephen Carroll PC 48 Police Service Northern Ireland 9 March 2009 Shot by Republican terrorists whilst responding to 999 call.[19]
Adele Yvette Cashman DC 30 Metropolitan Police 5 November 2012 Collapsed while pursuing robbery suspects[20]
Walter Charles Choat PC 34 City of London Police 17 December 1910 Shot during the Siege of Sidney Street
Duncan Clift PC 27 Kent Police 22 March 1991 Killed off duty while trying to arrest car thief.[21]
Raymond Anthony Codling Insp 49 Greater Manchester Police 14 September 1989 Shot[22]
Glenn Russell Corder PC 18 Durham Constabulary 6 February 1980 Vehicle crashed during police pursuit[23]
Raymond Davenport PC 42 Merseyside Police 4 July 1981 Killed whilst attempting to stop a stolen vehicle[24]
Brian Dawson Sgt 42 Leicestershire Police 1 September 1975 Shot during a siege in West Knighton, near Leicester. Two others were also shot dead, with the gunman later being imprisoned on charges of manslaughter.[25][26][27]
Ian Dibell GM PC 41 Essex Police 9 July 2012 Shot while off duty and confronting an armed man[28]
Edward Roy Dorney PC 24 Metropolitan Police 1 January 1960 Killed along with Police Dog Gus when hit by a train whilst pursuing burglary suspects.[29]
Nicholas Dumphreys PC 47 Cumbria Police 26 January 2020 Car accident caused by known fault within the N57 engine in the BMW police vehicle he was driving whilst responding to emergency call.[30][31]
Patrick Dunne PC 44 Metropolitan Police 20 October 1993 Fatally shot while attending domestic dispute[32]
Yvonne Joyce Fletcher WPC 25 Metropolitan Police 17 April 1984 Shot[33]
John William Fordham DC 45 Metropolitan Police 26 January 1985 Stabbed during the Brink's-Mat robbery.
William 'Bill' Forth PS 34 Northumbria Police 21 March 1993 Beaten and stabbed to death after answering a 999 call.[34]
Geoffrey Fox PC 41 Metropolitan Police 12 August 1966 Shot in the Shepherd's Bush Murders, alongside Christopher Head and David Wombwell[9]
Lewis George Fulton PC 28 Strathclyde Police 17 June 1994 Stabbed[35][c]
Roger Philip Goad CEO 40 Metropolitan Police 25 August 1975 Killed by an IRA bomb
Glenn Thomas Goodman SPC 37 North Yorkshire Police 7 June 1992 Shot by IRA member Paul Magee during routine traffic stop[36]
Kevin Declan Gorman PC 24 Police Service Northern Ireland 23 November 2008 Car accident whilst responding to emergency call.[19]
Richard Gray PC 43 West Mercia Constabulary 6 May 2007 Shot[37]
Thomas Green Sgt 51 Surrey Police 18 February 1919 Died following a blow to the head with an iron bar during the Epsom riot.
Declan Greene PC 39 Police Service Northern Ireland 23 November 2008 Car accident whilst responding to emergency call.[19]
Peter Guthrie PC 21 West Midlands Police 22 July 1972 Shot[38]
George Gutteridge PC 31 Essex Police 27 September 1927 Shot.
David Ian Haigh PC 25 North Yorkshire Police 17 June 1982 Shot by Barry Prudom[39]
Andrew Harper PC 28 Thames Valley Police 15 August 2019 Dragged by vehicle while investigating a burglary report[40]
Christopher Head DS 30 Metropolitan Police 12 August 1966 Shot in the Shepherd's Bush Murders alongside Geoffrey Fox and David Wombwell[9]
Jonathan Charles Henry PC 36 Bedfordshire Police 11 June 2007 Stabbed responding to 999 call[41]
Kenneth Robert Howorth CEO 49 Metropolitan Police 26 October 1981 Killed by an IRA bomb
Nicola Hughes PC 23 Greater Manchester Police 18 September 2012 Killed in gun and grenade ambush alongside PC Fiona Bone
Kenneth Thomas Irvine PC 30 Police Service Northern Ireland 23 November 2008 Car accident whilst responding to emergency call.[19]
Andrew James PC 38 South Wales Police 2 August 2003 Accidentally run over while pursuing suspect[42][d]
Ieuan Griffith Jeffreys PC 31 Merseyside Police 4 May 1941 Killed investigating an unexploded bomb on aiding duty in Liverpool.[43]
Karpal Kaur Sandhu PC 30 Metropolitan Police 4 November 1973 Fatally injured during an arrest[44]
Desmond Derrick Kellam PC 31 Wiltshire Constabulary 3 October 1979 Fatally injured during an arrest[45]
Ronan Kerr PC 25 Police Service Northern Ireland 2 April 2011 Killed by a Republican terrorist car bomb outside his home.[19]
John William Kew PC 29 West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary 11 July 1900 Shot[46][e]
Robert Kidd DS 37 London & North Western Railway Police 29 September 1895 Fatally injured during an arrest[47]
Alan King PS 41 Metropolitan Police 29 November 1991 Stabbed while questioning a male suspected of handling stolen goods[48]
Nina Alexandra MacKay WPC 25 Metropolitan Police 24 October 1997 Stabbed[49]
Angus MacLeod MacKenzie A/DC 31 City of Glasgow Police 30 December 1969 Shot during the Linwood bank robbery
James Robert Bawn Magee PC 27 Police Service Northern Ireland 23 November 2008 Car accident while responding to emergency call.[19]
Francis John Mason PC 27 Hertfordshire Constabulary 14 April 1988 Shot while off-duty, attempting to prevent an armed robbery. Posthumously awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal.[50][51]
Ronan McCloskey PC 25 Metropolitan Police 9 May 1987 Struck by motor vehicle by suspected drink driver trying to escape.[52]
Christopher McDonald PC 19 Nottinghamshire Police 17 May 1978 Beaten[53]
Sidney George Miles PC 42 Metropolitan Police 2 November 1952 Shot whilst responding to a burglary
Hugh John Moore Cmdr 64 City of London Police 4 December 1993 Collapsed after an arrest
Jim Morrison DC 26 Metropolitan Police 13 December 1991 Stabbed while off-duty attempting to arrest a thief[54]
Andrew Carl Munn PC 37 Leicestershire Constabulary 15 August 2002 Rammed by vehicle being pursued. Same incident as PC Bryan Moore.[55]
Bryan Moore PC 39 Leicestershire Constabulary 15 August 2002 Rammed by vehicle being pursued. Same incident as PC Andrew Munn.[55]
George Bertram Mussell PC 40 Northumberland County Constabulary 15 April 1913 Shot[11][f]
Stephen Robin Oake DC 40 Greater Manchester Police 14 January 2003 Stabbed[9]
Jon Odell PC 30 Kent Police 19 December 2000 While conducting speed checks was intentionally run over by disqualified driver[56][57]
Keith Palmer PC 48 Metropolitan Police 22 March 2017 Stabbed during Westminster terrorist attack
Jim Porter DC 31 Durham Constabulary 4 March 1982 Shot in pursuit of armed robbers.[58]
Matt Ratana Sgt 54 Metropolitan Police 25 September 2020 Shot while a man was being detained in a police custody centre[59][60]
Mandy Dawn Rayner WPC 18 Hertfordshire Constabulary 13 October 1982 Vehicle struck during police pursuit. She was the first British woman police officer to be killed in service.[61]
Phillipa Reynolds PC 27 Police Service Northern Ireland 9 February 2013 Killed when a stolen car hit her police car.[19]
Gerry Irving Richardson Supt 38 Lancashire Constabulary 23 August 1971 Shot
Derek Robertson Sgt 39 Metropolitan Police 9 February 1994 Stabbed during post office robbery.[62][63]
Graham Saville Sgt 46 Nottinghamshire Police 29 August 2023 Fatally injured after being struck by a train trying to reach a distressed man on the track.[g]
Dennis Arthur Smith PC 44 Devon and Cornwall Police 21 December 1973 Shot after high speed pursuit[64]
George Snipe PC 29 Birmingham City Police 19 July 1897 PC Snipe was attempting an arrest at the Star Public House in Hockley, when a mob turned upon him and his colleague PC Mead. They attempted to find shelter in the local church, but a brick thrown at them hit him on the head, with his dying in hospital 4 hours later.
Ernest Southern PC 35 Lancashire Constabulary 27 January 1962 Collapsed attending a violent street affray[65][h]
John Speed PS 39 West Yorkshire Police 31 October 1984 Shot while going to aid of a colleague who had been fired on near Leeds Parish Church[66]
Michael Swindells DC 44 West Midlands Police 21 May 2004 Stabbed[9]
Barry Taylor Insp 30 West Yorkshire Police 15 February 1970 Shot while responding to a burglary[67]
John Taylor PC 26 Staffordshire Police 23 November 1986 Pushed from roof while arresting burglars.[68]
Robert Chisholm Thomson ACC 38 Edinburgh City Police 16 July 1940 Shot[69]
Stephen Andrew Tibble PC 21 Metropolitan Police 26 February 1975 Shot while assisting colleague when off-duty[70][i]
Gary Toms PC 37 Metropolitan Police 11 April 2009 Thrown from police vehicle during pursuit[9]
Charles Tucker Sgt 46 City of London Police 16 December 1910 Shot during the Siege of Sidney Street
William Frederick Tyler PC 31 Metropolitan Police 29 January 1909 Shot during the Tottenham Outrage
Gerald Walker PC 42 Nottinghamshire Police 9 January 2003 Run over
Arthur Walls Insp 44 Eastbourne Borough Police 9 October 1912 Shot
Phillip John Walters PC 28 Metropolitan Police 18 April 1995 Shot
David Thomas Winter Sgt 31 North Yorkshire Police 28 June 1982 Shot by Barry Prudom[39]
David Wombwell DC 25 Metropolitan Police 12 August 1966 Shot during the Shepherd's Bush Murders alongside Geoffrey Fox and Christopher Head[9]
Ian Wain Woodward PC 33 Lancashire Police 25 February 1987 Shot after challenging poacher off-duty.[71]
James Wright PC 38 Manchester City Police 20 June 1934 Run over[72][j]
David Phillips PC 34 Merseyside Police 5 October 2015 Run over whilst attempting to deploy a Stop Stick device in a pursuit [73][74][75]
Thomas Bishop PC 39 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 21 September 1877 Fatally bludgeoned with stones by a drunken man he had warned. The incident occurred in Bere Regis following the Woodbury Hill Fair.[76]
Sidney George Wood PC 27 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 26 April 1908 Died after crashing his bicycle on a steep hill searching for a thief
Thomas Biddlecombe PC 47 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 18 December 1916 Whilst patrolling Thornford Road, Sherborne, he took severely ill and was taken by ambulance to Yeatman Hospital where he died.
Wilfred Charles Viney PC 31 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 25 July 1930 Killed riding pillion in a motorcycle collision on plain clothes night patrol.
Sidney F. Loader PC 40 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 8 September 1938 Fatally injured in a collision with a car while on cycle patrol.
Alfred E. Head PC 46 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 19 October 1938 Fatally injured in a road collision cycling to court in bad weather.
Stanley Ivor Marsh PC 24 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 9 February 1939 Died as a result of injuries received in 1938 when he attempted to stop a car.
Walter Charles Billett WRC 61 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 5 July 1940 Killed in a fall from his bicycle while reporting for duty in the blackout.
Cecil Robert Budden PC 27 Dorset Constabulary (now Dorset Police) 19 May 1957 Fatally injured in a collision with a car while on motorcycle patrol.
Kenneth Frederick Innell Insp 44 Dorset Police 13 December 1982 Collapsed and died during an incident on duty at Poole Quay.
Sean Oxford SPC 21 Dorset Police 7 May 1992 Collapsed and died during warm up exercises in preparation for self defence training.
Stephen Wilson PC 37 Dorset Police 16 May 1996 Fatally injured in a motorcycle collision while reporting for night duty.
Ian Leslie Toomer Insp 50 Dorset Police 20 April 1999 Killed in a road collision when his police car crashed in wet weather.
Ian James Morton DC 32 Dorset Police 26 October 2008 Killed in a road traffic collision whilst travelling to report for duty at Bournemouth, in the early morning, when his vehicle left the road and crashed into the wall of a bungalow at Highcliffe.
Jonathan Mark Hicken DC 47 Dorset Police 6 October 2019 Collapsed and died while travelling to duty.
Kulwant Sidhu PC 24 Metropolitan Police 24 October 1999 Died after plunging through a glass panel on the roof of an industrial building while chasing two suspected burglars. [77]

Key to rank abbreviations:

  • A/x = Acting
  • ACC = Assistant Chief Constable
  • CEO = Civilian Explosives Officer
  • Cmdr = Commander
  • DC = Detective Constable
  • DI = Detective Inspector
  • DS = Detective Sergeant
  • Insp = Inspector
  • PC = Police Constable
  • Sgt = Sergeant
  • SPC = Special Police Constable
  • Stn Sgt = Station Sergeant
  • Supt = Superintendent
  • WPC = Woman Police Constable
  • WRC = War Reserve Constable.

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