List of British Commonwealth and Empire divisions in the Second World War

This is a list of army divisions serving within the British Empire during the Second World War. Military formations within the British Empire were generally not static and were composed of a changing mix of units from across Britain, its colonies and the dominions. As a result military formations within the Empire and Commonwealth are not easily attributable to specific Imperial or national entities and naming conventions do not necessarily correlate with modern country names.

  • "formed from" indicates that a new division was created in part from another division
  • "formerly" indicates a simple division name change

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Australian ArmyEdit

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Canadian ArmyEdit

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Colonies and Protectorates [1]Edit

Army of India[1]Edit

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  1. ^ The Army of India consisted of both the Indian Army and the British Army in India. The Indian Army was the force recruited locally and permanently based in India, together with its expatriate British officers. The British Army in India consisted of British Army units posted to India for a tour of duty, and which would then be posted to other parts of the Empire or back to the UK..