List of Australian Army engineer units in World War I

The Australian Imperial Force included a range of different engineer units including field units, signals, mining, works, railway, survey and training units.[1]

Australian engineers laying down a mule track and camouflaging it with earth at Albania Woods, in the Ypres Sector, 17 October 1917.

Field unitsEdit

Signal unitsEdit

  • 1st Division Signal Company
  • 2nd Divisional Signal Company
  • 3rd Divisional Signal Company
  • 4th Division Signal Company
  • 5th Divisional Signal Company
  • Australian Corps Signal Company
  • 1st Signal Squadron
  • 2nd Signal Squadron
  • Australian Pack Wireless Section
  • 1st Australian Wireless Signal Squadron
  • Cavalry Divisional Signal Squadron

Mining unitsEdit

Works unitsEdit

  • 1st Army Troops Company
  • Australian Corps RE Workshops

Railway unitsEdit

  • Headquarters Australian Railway Group
  • 1st Light Railway Operating Company
  • 2nd Light Railway Operating Company
  • 3rd Light Railway Operating Company
  • 4th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
  • 5th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
  • 6th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company

Survey unitsEdit

  • Australian Corps Topographical Section

Training unitsEdit

  • Engineer Training Depot
  • Signal Section, Engineer Training Depot
  • Australian Railway Operating Division Depot
  • Engineer Training Depot


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