List of 2022–23 Super Rugby transfers

This is a list of player movements for Super Rugby teams prior to the end of the 2023 Super Rugby Pacific season. Departure and arrivals of all players that were included in a Super Rugby squad for 2022 or 2023 are listed here, regardless of when it occurred. Future-dated transfers are only included if confirmed by the player or his agent, his former team or his new team.

  • 2022 players listed are all players that were named in the initial senior squad, or subsequently included in a 23-man match day squad at any game during the season.
  • (did not play) denotes that a player did not play at all during the season due to injury or non-selection. These players are included to indicate they were contracted to the team.
  • (short-term) denotes that a player wasn't initially contracted, but came in during the season. This could either be a club rugby player coming in as injury cover, or a player whose contract had expired at another team (typically in the northern hemisphere).
  • (development squad) denotes a player that wasn't named in the original squad, but was announced as signing as a development player. These are often younger players or club players. Different teams use different names for development players. Other names used include (wider training group) or (wider training squad).
  • Flags are only shown for players moving to or from another country.
  • Players may play in several positions, but are listed in only one.

Australia edit

Fiji edit

Drua edit

The Fijian Drua joined Super Rugby in 2022. Due to travel restrictions as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was temporarily based in Lennox Head, New South Wales (Australia) for the 2022 season. Ahead of the 2023 Super Rugby Pacific season, on 11 October 2022, the Fijian Drua's permanent home base was opened by World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont in Nadi, Fiji.[1] The team will play its home games at Churchill Park in Lautoka and HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.[2]

Drua transfers 2022–2023
Pos 2022 squad[3] Out In 2023 players[4]
PR Haereiti Hetet[5]
Jone Koroiduadua[6]
Manasa Saulo[7]
Timoci Sauvoli[8]
Samu Tawake[7]
Jone Tiko (short-term)[9]
Meli Tuni[10]
Kaliopasi Uluilakepa[11]
  Manasa Saulo (to   Soyaux Angoulême)[12]   Mesake Doge (from   Dragons)[13]
  Livai Natave (from Suva)[4]
  Emosi Tuqiri (from   Rebels)[14]
Mesake Doge
Haereiti Hetet[4]
Jone Koroiduadua[4]
Livai Natave
Timoci Sauvoli[4]
Samu Tawake[4]
Jone Tiko (short-term)[15]
Meli Tuni[4]
Emosi Tuqiri
Kaliopasi Uluilakepa[4]
HK Mesu Dolokoto[5]
Tevita Ikanivere[16]
Zuriel Togiatama[5]
  Jone Naqiri (from Namosi)[4] Mesu Dolokoto[4]
Tevita Ikanivere[4]
Jone Naqiri (development squad)
Zuriel Togiatama[4]
LK Chris Minimbi[6]
Isoa Nasilasila[11]
Viliame Rarasea[5]
Ratu Leone Rotuisolia[11]
Sorovakatini Tuifagalele[7]
  Viliame Rarasea (to   Counties Manukau)[4]   Sailosi Vakalokalo (from Skipper Cup)[4]
  Etonia Waqa (from   Bay of Plenty)[17]
Chris Minimbi[4]
Isoa Nasilasila[4]
Ratu Leone Rotuisolia[4]
Sorovakatini Tuifagalele[4]
Sailosi Vakalokalo (development squad)
Etonia Waqa (short-term)
BR Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta[10]
Meli Derenalagi[10]
Vilive Miramira[5]
Raikabula Momoedonu[6]
Nemani Nagusa[16]
Rusiate Nasove[11]
Kitione Salawa Jr.[7]
Joseva Tamani[7]
  Nemani Nagusa (to Nadroga)[4]   Elia Canakaivata (from Fiji Sevens)[14]
  Joji Kunavula (from Nadroga)[4]
  Naibuka Matadigo (from Skipper Cup)[4]
  Motikai Murray (from Suva)[4]
  Fred Ralulu (from Skipper Cup)[4]
Elia Canakaivata
Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta[4]
Meli Derenalagi[4]
Joji Kunavula (development squad)
Naibuka Matadigo (development squad)
Vilive Miramira[4]
Raikabula Momoedonu[4]
Motikai Murray (development squad)
Rusiate Nasove[4]
Fred Ralulu (development squad)
Kitione Salawa Jr.[4]
Joseva Tamani[4]
SH Simione Kuruvoli[16]
Frank Lomani (short-term)[18]
Ratu Peni Matawalu[6]
Leone Nawai[19]
Josh Vuta (short-term)[20]
  Leone Nawai (to Suva)[4]
  Josh Vuta (released)[4]
  Philip Baselala (from Suva)[4] Philip Baselala
Simione Kuruvoli[4]
Frank Lomani[18]
Ratu Peni Matawalu[4]
FH Napolioni Bolaca[16]
Baden Kerr[19]
Caleb Muntz[8]
Teti Tela[5]
  Napolioni Bolaca (to Fiji Sevens)[21]
  Baden Kerr (released)[4]
  Isikeli Rabitu (from Skipper Cup)[4] Caleb Muntz[4]
Isikeli Rabitu (development squad)
Teti Tela[4]
CE Kalione Nasoko[6]
Apisalome Vota[11]
Serupepeli Vularika[10]
  Serupepeli Vularika (to Suva)[4]   Iosefo Masi (from Fiji Sevens)[13]
  Michael Naitokani (from Nadroga)[14]
  Aisea Tuisese (from Naitasiri)[4]
  Kemu Valetini (from   Manly)[22]
Iosefo Masi
Michael Naitokani
Kalione Nasoko[4]
Aisea Tuisese (development squad)
Kemu Valetini (short-term)
Apisalome Vota[4]
WG Ilaisa Droasese (short-term)[23]
Vinaya Habosi[10]
Jona Mataiciwa (short-term)[20]
Onisi Ratave[16]
Kitione Ratu[8]
Kalaveti Ravouvou[6]
Selestino Ravutaumada[19]
  Vinaya Habosi (to   Racing 92)[24][25]
  Jona Mataiciwa (released)[4]
  Onisi Ratave (to   Benetton)[26]
  Kitione Ratu (to Vatukoula)[4]
  Taniela Rakuro (from Nadroga)[4]
  Eroni Sau (from   Provence)[27]
Ilaisa Droasese[4]
Taniela Rakuro (short-term)
Kalaveti Ravouvou[4]
Selestino Ravutaumada[4]
Eroni Sau
FB Tuidraki Samusamuvodre[5]
Kitione Taliga[11]
Alivereti Veitokani[5]
  Alivereti Veitokani (to Namosi)[4]   Jack Volavola (from Nadroga)[4] Tuidraki Samusamuvodre[4]
Kitione Taliga[4]
Jack Volavola (development squad)
Coach Mick Byrne[28] Mick Byrne[28][29]

New Zealand edit

Pacific Islands edit

Moana Pasifika edit

Moana Pasifika joined Super Rugby in 2022. The team is based in Auckland and will play its home games at Mt Smart Stadium until 2028.[30]

Moana Pasifika transfers 2022–2023
Pos 2022 squad[31] Out In 2023 players[32]
PR Joe Apikotoa[33]
Chris Apoua[31]
Suetena Asomua (short-term)[34]
Sekope Kepu[35]
Tau Koloamatangi[36]
Ezekiel Lindenmuth[37]
Abraham Pole (short-term)[34]
Isi Tuʻungafasi[36]
Joe Apikotoa[32]
Chris Apoua[32]
Suetena Asomua (short-term)[38]
Sekope Kepu[35]
Tau Koloamatangi[32]
Ezekiel Lindenmuth[39]
Abraham Pole[32]
Isi Tuʻungafasi[32]
HK Sam Moli[40]
Ray Niuia[41]
Joe Royal (short-term)[42]
Luteru Tolai[41]
Sam Moli[32]
Ray Niuia[32]
Joe Royal (short-term)[43]
Luteru Tolai[32]
LK Xavier Cowley-Tuioti (short-term)[34]
Don Lolo[44]
Mike McKee[44]
Alex McRobbie[37]
Mahonri Ngakuru (short-term)[45]
Veikoso Poloniati[44]
Sam Slade[37]
  Xavier Cowley-Tuioti (released)[32]
  Don Lolo (released)[32]
  Veikoso Poloniati (to   Racing 92)[46]
  Potu Leavasa Jr. (from   Manawatu)[47] Potu Leavasa Jr. (short-term)
Mike McKee[32]
Alex McRobbie[32]
Mahonri Ngakuru[32]
Sam Slade[48]
BR Michael Curry (short-term)[34]
Penitoa Finau[49]
Solomone Funaki[50]
Lotu Inisi[51]
Niko Jones (short-term)[52]
Josh Kaifa (short-term)[53]
Jack Lam[54]
Alamanda Motuga[54]
Henry Stowers[54]
Sione Tuipulotu[50]
  Josh Kaifa (returned to   Hawke's Bay)[32]
  Henry Stowers (to   Benetton)[55]
  Miracle Faiʻilagi (from   Samoa Sevens)[32]
  Jonah Mau'u (from   Northland)[56]
Michael Curry[32]
Miracle Faiʻilagi
Penitoa Finau[32]
Solomone Funaki[57]
Lotu Inisi[57]
Niko Jones (short-term)[58]
Jack Lam[32]
Jonah Mau'u (short-term)
Alamanda Motuga[57]
Sione Tuipulotu[32]
SH Ere Enari[59]
Manu Paea[60]
Dwayne Polataivao (short-term)[42]
Jonathan Taumateine[61]
  Dwayne Polataivao (released)[32]   Sam Wye (from   Auckland)[62] Ere Enari[32]
Manu Paea[32]
Jonathan Taumateine[32]
Sam Wye (short-term)
FH William Havili[40]
Christian Lealiifano[63]
D'Angelo Leuila (short-term)[34]
Lincoln McClutchie[64]
William Havili[32]
Christian Lealiifano[32]
D'Angelo Leuila[32]
Lincoln McClutchie[32]
CE Levi Aumua[65]
Fine Inisi[51]
Solomone Kata[66]
Henry Taefu[67]
Danny Toala[68]
  Solomone Kata (to   Exeter Chiefs)[69] Levi Aumua[57]
Fine Inisi[57]
Henry Taefu[57]
Danny Toala[32]
WG Nigel Ah Wong (short-term)[42]
Tomasi Alosio[67]
Tima Fainga'anuku[70]
Neria Fomai[67]
Timoci Tavatavanawai[71]
Anzelo Tuitavuki[33]
  Nigel Ah Wong (to   Bay of Plenty)[32] Tomasi Alosio[32]
Tima Fainga'anuku[72]
Neria Fomai[32]
Timoci Tavatavanawai[73]
Anzelo Tuitavuki[32]
FB Lolagi Visinia[68] Lolagi Visinia[32]
Coach Aaron Mauger[74] Aaron Mauger[74]

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References edit

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