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List of episodes for the 2000 Plus radio show.


Title Air Date Author Listen
1. Hosts Above the Thunder 03/15/50
2. Journey Into the Germ World[1] 03/22/50
3. Men From Mars 03/29/50

mp3, mp3, RealMedia

4. The Diamond Skull[2] 04/05/50
5. The Man Who Conquered Time 04/12/50
6. Rocket to the Moon 04/19/50
7. When the Machines Went Wild 04/26/50 These recordings start about five to eight minutes into the program:

mp3, mp3, RealMedia

8. When the Worlds Met 05/03/50

mp3, mp3, RealMedia

9. Silent Noise 05/10/50
10. The Insect 05/17/50

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11. The Man Who Tried to Stop June 8th 05/24/50
12. The First Men 05/31/50
13. The Man Who Found Himself[3] 06/07/50


14. The Earth Versus Alexander Corday 06/14/50
15. The Brooklyn Brain 06/21/50

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16. Space Wreck 06/28/50 mp3
17. A Veteran Comes Home 07/05/50

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18. The Flower of Evil 07/23/50
19. Explorers From Space 07/19/50
20. The Living Dead 07/26/50
21. The Doom Machine 08/02/50
24. The Flying Saucers 08/23/50

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25. The Robot Killer 08/30/50

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26. Rocket and the Skull 09/06/50

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29. Green Thing 09/27/50

mp3, mp3

30. That Which Lives in a Steel Head 10/04/50
35. The Giant Walks 11/08/50

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36. Worlds Apart 11/15/50

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Title Air Date Author Listen
68. The Man From the Second Earth 08/12/51
77. The Rocket and The Skull 10-10-51
88. The Temples of the Pharaohs 12/26/51 mp3
The Other Man[3] UNKNOWN mp3


  • Some sites offering CDs also include episodes of the series 2000X, which was produced in 2000 and is not part of the original series run.


  1. ^ Some sites list this as "Journey Into A Germ World", however a scan of a radio listing from the New York Times here shows it as "Journey Into The Germ World"
  2. ^ Some sites list this as "The Diamond Helmet". The episode from the week before refers to the next week episode as "The Diamond Helmet". However a scan of a radio listing from the New York Times here shows it as "Skull"
  3. ^ a b “‘The Other Man’ has been foisted on inexperienced vintage radio collectors as 50-06-07, ‘The Man Who Found Himself’, by simply labeling it as such.” — “The Definitive 2000 Plus Radio Log with Joseph Julian Archived 2010-05-22 at the Wayback Machine”, The Digital Deli Too Archived 2010-11-02 at the Wayback Machine

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