Linganamakki Dam

The Linganamakki Dam (Kannada : ಲಿಂಗನಮಕ್ಕಿ ಜಲಾಶಯ) was constructed by the Karnataka State Government in 1964. Located in the Kargal village of Sagara taluk, the dam has a length of 2.74 kilometres (1.70 mi) stretching across the Sharavathi river. It is located about 9 km from Jog Falls.[1]

Linganamakki Dam
Linganamakki dam.jpg
Official nameLinganamakki Reservoir
LocationLinganamakki, Sagara Taluk, Karnataka
Coordinates14°10′32″N 74°50′47″E / 14.175587°N 74.84627°E / 14.175587; 74.84627Coordinates: 14°10′32″N 74°50′47″E / 14.175587°N 74.84627°E / 14.175587; 74.84627
Construction began1964
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSharavathi River
Height193 ft
Length2.4 km
CreatesLinganamakki Reservoir
Total capacity151.75 Tmcft
Catchment area1991.71 km²
A view of the spillway section of the 1.5-mile-long Linganamakki dam.


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