Lin Bu (Chinese: 林逋; 967–1028)[1] was a Chinese poet during the Northern Song dynasty. His courtesy name was Junfu (君復). One of the most famous verse masters of his time,[2] Lin lived in recluse by the West Lake in Hangzhou for much of his later life. His works and theatrical solitude won him nationwide fame,[2] and he was offered prestigious government posts, although he refused all civic duties in pursuit of his poetry. Long after he died, Lin's eccentric attitude and his works retained a vivid place in Song cultural imagination and later works.[2]

Lin Bu
Song dynasty poet Lin Bu.jpg
Lin Bu, painted by Kanō Tsunenobu in the 18th century.
Died1028 (aged 60–61)
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hejing Xiansheng
Lin Bu's Tomb on Gushan Island, West Lake area


Lin is well known for his romantic poems. One example of his works, titled Everlasting Longing is shown below:


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