Limerick Greyhound Stadium

Limerick Greyhound Stadium is a greyhound racing track located in south-west Limerick in Ireland.

Limerick Greyhound Stadium
LocationGreenpark, Dock Road, Limerick, Ireland
Coordinates2°38'57.4"N 8°39'24.4"W
Operated byGreyhound Racing Ireland
Date opened2010
Race typegreyhound racing
Official website

The stadium has a grandstand restaurant, hospitality suites, fast food facilities and a number of bars. Racing takes place on a Thursday (6:30pm) and Saturday (7.30pm).[1]


In 2009 the old Markets Field Greyhound Stadium just off the Garryowen Road was closed to enable a new greyhound track to replace it. The new site chosen was the former horse racing course at Greenpark and in 2008 the area underwent significant change.[2]

When the stadium was completed to the tune of €18 million at Greenpark, Dock Road it impressed all within the industry.[3] The official opening night was on 22 October 2010 and the stadium has a capacity attendance of 2,900 including a 190-seat grandstand restaurant called the Leger Restaurant after a major event held at the track. Private hospitality suites and gallery bars were also constructed one of which is named after Markets Field Stadium.[4]

The previously mentioned St Leger which was first held at the old Limerick Stadium in 1940 [5] and is an original classic race was duly switched to the new track and continues to be contested. The Kirby Memorial Stakes is also held here and boasted a record €80,000 to the winner in 2014. It was sponsored by J. P. McManus who had close ties with the old Limerick track.[6]

The track is owned and operated by Greyhound Racing Ireland (formerly the Irish Greyhound Board) and they have their headquarters on site.[7][8]




Track recordsEdit

Current [9] [10] [11]

Yards Greyhound Time Date Notes
300 Tarbrook Henry [12] 15.76 14 August 2008
350 Quietly 18.38 26 March 2016
525 College Maybe 27.95 2 February 2013
550 Priceless Brandy 29.26 22 October 2016
575 Riverside Mary 30.96 17 March 2012
600 Lemon Belle 32.21 19 August 2011
700 Summerfield Jean 38.32 5 September 2009
750 Skywalker Logan [13] 41.41 12 September 2020 Cambridgeshire Open Final
800 Lodge Lady 57.49 22 November 2004
1000 Wise Susie 44.54 27 January 2007
525 H Razldazl Denys 28.79 29 November 2008



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