Lilium oxypetalum

Lilium oxypetalum (synonymous with Nomocharis oxypetala) is a small to medium member of the lily family which grows to a height of 20–30 cm. It is native to the N. W. Himalayas. It grows as a single stem from a bulb, preferring a cool, shady position in moist, acid soil. The green stem is tinged with purple and supports a scattering of linear to lanceolate leaves, sometimes in a whorl beneath the flowers. The leaves are up to 7 cm long. The yellow, semi-pendant, unscented flowers are produced in early summer in ones or twos on slender stems. The flowers are shaped like a shallow bowl, up to 5 cm across and have a scattering of purple spots near the centre.[1]

Lilium oxypetalum (syn:Nomocharis oxypetala)
Lilium oxypetalum var insigne.jpg
Scientific classification
L. oxypetalum
Binomial name
Lilium oxypetalum

Oxypetalum (oxee`pet`alum) means sharp petalled.[2]

The variety insigne produces purple flowers.[1]


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