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Coordinates: 59°55′37″N 30°21′31″E / 59.9269°N 30.3585°E / 59.9269; 30.3585

Ligovsky Avenue 1.jpg

Ligovsky Prospekt (Russian: Лиговский проспект) is a major street in Saint Petersburg. Before the establishment of the city, it was a street leading to Novgorod, used by the people living in the villages around the delta of Neva.

During 1718 to 1725, when Saint Petersburg was the capital of Russia, construction began on the Ligovsky Canal. The canal was used to transfer water from the Liga River to fountains of the Summer Garden, hence the name of the street and the canal. After the flood of 1777 all the fountains were demolished, and later the canal was as well.

Ligovsky Prospekt todayEdit

The Ligovsky Prospekt is one of the largest streets in Saint Petersburg. It extends from Oktyabrskiy Big Concert Hall, Vosstaniya Square and Nevsky Prospekt, and runs through southern Saint Petersburg, onto Moskovsky Prospekt and the Moscow Triumphal Gate.

Names of the streetEdit

  • Moskovskaya Street; during 1739 to the late eighteenth century
  • Ligovsky Canal Embankment; during the nineteenth century
  • Ligovskaya Street; during 1892 to 1952
  • Stalingradsky Prospekt; during 1952 to 1956
  • Ligovsky Prospekt; during 1956 to present