Life of St. Sava (by Teodosije)

The Life of St. Sava (Serbian: Žitije Svetog Save/Житије Светог Саве) was the second biography of Saint Sava (1169–1236), the first Archbishop of Serbs (s. 1219–1235), written by Serbian monk Teodosije the Hilandarian (1246–1328), after the first biography written in 1254 by monk Domentijan.

The Life of St. Sava
The Life of St. Sava (by Teodosije), 1739 transcript.jpg
1739 transcript
Also known asHagiography of St. Sava
Place of originKingdom of Serbia
Language(s)Old Serbian
Scribe(s)Teodosije the Hilandarian
Dedicated toSaint Sava

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