Life Records

Life Records is a Malaysian record label owned by Hup Hup Sdn. Bhd. (as of 1981).[1] The label also operated in Hong Kong.

Life Records
Life Records logo.jpg
Parent companyHup Hup
Country of originMalaysia, Hong Kong


According to the company itself, it was formed in 1949.[2] It was known as King's Musical Industrial Sdn. Bhd.,[3] King's Musical Industries Limited[4] or Hup Hup Sdn. Bhd..[4]

Subsidiaries in Hong Kong (The Life Records Limited (Chinese: 麗風唱片有限公司[5]) and Singapore (Life Record Industries Pte. Ltd.) were established in 1960 and 1966 respectively, according to the company.[2]

According to the company, it was the first Malaysian licensee for many popular foreign record labels, including CBS Records, MCA Records and Kapp Records.[2] Life's recording artists have included Teresa Teng, Frances Yip, Fahrenheit and Candy.[2]

In 1969, the factory in Singapore started production.[3] The Singapore subsidiary was chaired by millionaire Aw Cheng Chye at that time,[3] The parent company was chaired by Ng Lian Chin (simplified Chinese: 黄连振; traditional Chinese: 黃連振) (as of 1971).[6] In 1970, Life Records (Hong Kong) was exported to Europe and America.[7] In 1971, Life Records (Hong Kong) started to produce cassette tape that recorded directly from the original master recording.[8]


Matthew with the Mandarins were one of the groups that had an album released on the label.[9]


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