Lieutenant (Canada)

(Canadian Army)
(Royal Canadian Air Force)

Lieutenant is a rank of the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force. The equivalent rank in the Royal Canadian Navy is sub-lieutenant. A naval lieutenant is one rank superior to the army rank of lieutenant and the naval rank of sub-lieutenant.

Lieutenants and sub-lieutenants are equivalent to ranks with a NATO code of OF-1.[1]

The rank insignia of a lieutenant in the Canadian Army is two pips. In the Royal Canadian Air Force, the insignia is one ​12-inch (13 mm) stripe with a ​14-inch (6.4 mm) stripe above it. The rank insignia of a sub-lieutenant is a ​14-inch (6.4 mm) stripe with one ​12-inch (13 mm) stripe with the executive curl above it. On CADPAT and flying uniforms, the insignia is white on army slip-ons and dark blue on air force slip-ons.

The British pronunciation of the French word "lieutenant" (as "lef-tenant") is the official pronunciation as used by the Canadian Armed Forces, but the American pronunciation of "loo-tenant" (which is closer to the original French pronunciation) is sometimes heard in outside of the military.