Lietuvos rytas

Lietuvos rytas (lit. 'Morning of Lithuania') is a Lithuanian daily newspaper.


History and profileEdit

"Lietuvos rytas" was established in 1990.[1] The paper is printed in Vilnius on Tuseday, Thursday and Saturday.[1] It has a liberal political leaning.[1] "Lietuvos rytas" is part of "Lietuvos rytas" media group.

Additionally to the daily newspaper come the supplements "Rytai-Vakarai", "Sostinė", "Laikinoji Sostinė", magazines "Stilius", "Savaitgalis" (with "TV Antena") and "Stilius Plius". The online version of the paper was started in 2005.[2]

Its circulation was 55.700 copies in 2021.[1]


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