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The Libertas Institute (LI) is a libertarian think tank located in Lehi, Utah. The organization's stated mission is "to advance the cause of liberty within the State of Utah."[2][3] The Institute focuses on free market policies, private property rights, and civil liberties issues, including police reform.[1]

Libertas Institute
Libertas Institute.png
Founder(s)Connor Boyack[1]
EstablishedDecember 2011 (2011-December)[1]
Mission"Libertas exists to advance the cause of liberty within the State of Utah."[2]
PresidentConnor Boyack


In February 2015, Libertas Institute and the Drug Policy Project of Utah conducted a poll which showed that the majority of Utah residents favor the legality of medical cannabis.[4] The organization has opposed current regulations on the study of agricultural marijuana, arguing that regulations governing the state's public university research of hemp are too strict.[5] Along with the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, the Libertas Institute opposed a Utah legislative bill that would allow state police to use unmanned drones without a search warrant.[6] The organization favors allowing ridesharing companies to legally compete with taxi cab companies.[7]


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