Li Xiu (李秀), also known as Yang Niang and Li Shuxian (李淑贤), was a Chinese military commander during the Jin Dynasty.

Li Xiu
Lady who Suppresses and Pacifies the Enemy
In office
306 (306)–? (?)
MonarchEmperor Hui of Jin
Lady of Brightness and Wisdom
In office
306 (306)–? (?)
MonarchEmperor Hui of Jin
Personal details
Jinning County, Yunnan, China
RelationsLi Zhao (brother)
  • Li Yi (father)
Courtesy nameShuxian (淑贤)
Other namesLi Shuxian (李淑贤)

She was the daughter of Li Yi, a military commander in charge of the Ningzhou area (present-day Jinning County in Yunnan)[1] during the reign of Emperor Hui.

Her father suddenly died in 303 CE during a rebellion in the area, and Li Xiu inherited his post soon after. Taking his place as military commander, she held Ningzhou while under siege, rallying the area several times against the rebels, until completely defeating the revolt seven years after.

The Jin and Tang administrations awarded her several titles after the war for her service, and the people of Ningzhou renamed her former base "Citadel of the Heavenly Lady".[2]


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