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Leulumoega Tuai is a village situated on the northwest coast Upolu island in Samoa. The village is part of the A'ana Alofi II Electoral Constituency (Faipule District) which formas part of the larger A'ana political district.[1]

Leulumoega Tuai
Village District
Country Samoa
Time zone-11
Roman Catholic Basilica Sancta Ana

Leulumoega is the traditional center of the A'ana district.

The population of Leulumoega is 1,290 (2006 Census).[2]

This village is governed by 9 leading chiefs (matai) known as the Toaiva.[citation needed]


In 1879 during the building of the church,four men that helped to build the church commit suicide on the stairs of the church.

During the storms of 1963 and 1966 many of the neighboring villages took refuge in the church.

Malia Saamoto Fagaofa and tagaloa Pouaso Felima were the first couple married in the church followed by another couple in the 9th of January 1993.


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Coordinates: 13°49′S 171°55′W / 13.817°S 171.917°W / -13.817; -171.917