Let's Misbehave

"Let's Misbehave" is a song written by Cole Porter in 1927, originally intended for the female lead of his first major production, Paris. It was discarded before the Broadway opening in favor of "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love". However, the star of the Broadway production, Irene Bordoni, performed it for a phonograph recording which was labelled as being from the production of Paris.

"Let's Misbehave"
Song by Irene Bordoni
Songwriter(s)Cole Porter

The song was a notable 1928 hit for Irving Aaronson and his Commanders. It was included perhaps most infamously in the 1962 revival of Anything Goes. It was also added into the 1991 version of Porter's You Never Know (musical). The song was recorded in 1927 for the Brunswick label, by Banjo Buddy (a.k.a. Harold Sandelman).[1]

Subsequent appearancesEdit


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