Les J3 (also known as The J3) is a 1946 French film directed by Roger Richebé, and adapted from the play by the same name, written by Roger Ferdinand.[1] The film's admissions in France were 2,748,441.[2]

Les J3
also known as The J3
Directed byRoger Richebé
Written byJean Aurenche
Jean Ferry
StarringGèrard Nery
Gisèle Pascal
Saturnin Fabre
CinematographyVictor Arménise
Edited byHenri Taverna
Music byHenri Verdun
Release date
  • 17 April 1946 (1946-04-17) (France)
Running time
85 minutes

Plot synopsisEdit

The play focuses on a group of high school students in occupied France during the Second World War. Whilst the students are initially more focused on the black market trade of cigarettes and stockings, a new philosophy teacher, the "charming and gifted educator" Mademoiselle Bravard, focuses them back onto their work at school, helping them all pass their final exams.[3]



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