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The Leonhard Schultze or Walio-Papi languages are a proposed family of about 6 Papuan languages spoken in the Sepik river basin of northern Papua New Guinea. They are spoken along the border region of East Sepik Province and Sandaun Province, just to the south of the Iwam languages.

Leonhard Schultze
Papua New Guinea
Linguistic classificationOne of the world's primary language families, or Sepik

The languages are named after German anthropologist Leonhard Schultze.


The Leonard Schultze languages are:

Glottolog 3.4 classifies the Walio and Papi languages each as independent families.


The Leonhard Schultze languages were traditionally classified by Laycock and Z'graggen (1975) as part of the Sepik language family.[1]

Foley (2018) classifies the Leonhard Schultze languages separately as an independent language family rather than as part of the Sepik languages (as in previous classifications proposed by others).[2] However, this classification is not accepted by Glottolog, which splits up the Walio and Papi branches and considers them each to be a primary language family.


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