Leonard E. Barrett

Leonard E. Barrett Senior (1920 in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica – June 3, 2007 in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania)[1] was a Jamaican-American professor of religion and anthropology known for his foundational work on Rastafarianism.


He was born in Jamaica in 1920.[2][3] He was ordained as a Methodist minister, then migrated to the United States during the 1940s.[2] He received a bachelor's degree from Albright College, then was the pastor of an evangelical church in Pennsylvania.[2] He received a master's of divinity from United Theological Seminary in 1961, then a master's degree in history in 1962 and a doctorate in comparative religion and anthropology in 1967 from Temple University.[2]

His dissertation, completed at Temple University, was published as The Rastafarians: a study of Messianic cultism in Jamaica in 1969.[4][5] His book Soul-Force: African Heritage in Afro-American Religion was a finalist for the National Book Award for Philosophy And Religion in 1975.[6][7] His book The Rastafarians: the Dreadlocks of Jamaica was reviewed favorably in the 1970s by academics and has become one of the standard anthropological examinations of the religious movement.[3][4] It was republished on its twentieth anniversary in 1997.[8] He published widely on various aspects of religious or spiritual life in Jamaica.[9] Barrett also contributed to reference texts in the field of religion.[10]

He was a professor at Temple University.[11] He also taught at colleges in Jamaica, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.[2]

Awards and honorsEdit

In 1983, he was awarded the Alumni Citation Award from Albright College.[12]

His life inspired one of his sons, Terry Lee Barrett, to write a semi-autobiographical novel based on the stories his father told him about Jamaican religion and spirituality.[13]


  • The Rastafarians: a study of Messianic cultism in Jamaica, Caribbean monograph series, no. 6. (Puerto Rico: University of Puerto Rico, Institute of Caribbean Studies, 1969).[14]
  • Soul-Force: African Heritage in Afro-American Religion, C. Eric Lincoln Series on Black Religion (New York: Anchor Press, 1974).[15]
  • The Rastafarians: the Dreadlocks of Jamaica (Kingston, Jamaica: Sangster's Book Stores, 1977). OCLC 932266388
    • Reprinted in 1978,[16] 1979,[17] 1981,[18] 1982.[19]
    • A revised and updated edition titled The Rastafarians: the Sounds of Cultural Difference was published in 1988 that included new research and a new afterword.[20]
    • It was also republished in a 20th anniversary edition in 1997, titled The Rastafarians;[8] this was republished in 2014.[21]
    • It was also translated into Japanese in 1996.[22]
  • The Sun and the Drum: African roots in Jamaican folk tradition Kingston, (Jamaica: Sangster's Book Stores, in association with Heinemann, 1979).[23]


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