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Noel I. Aparilla (born December 17, 1968), commonly known by the screen name Leon Miguel[1] is a Filipino actor, model, and engineer. He recently bagged the Best Actor (Short) award from the International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) 2016[2] in New York City, USA for his performance in Redlights. Earlier, he gained world-wide attention and notoriety for his role as the leading villain, Visel, in a Tribeca film crime-thriller entry, Graceland: A Life for Every Lie (2012)[3][4] directed by Ron Morales. Graceland's premiere in the Tribeca Film Festival mesmerized audiences[5] in the 2012 festival and was awarded Second Place in Audience Choice Award. Graceland also had its Canadian premiere in the Fantasia International Film Festival in July 2012 in Montreal, Canada and it also won Audience Award at the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa, Florida.

Leon Miguel
Leon Miguel 2015.jpg
Noel I. Aparilla

(1968-12-17) December 17, 1968 (age 52)
OccupationActor, model, engineer
Years active1996–present
Leon Miguel, IFFM 2016 Best Actor (Short)
Leon Miguel, IFFM 2016 Best Actor (Short)
Leon Miguel IFFM 2016 Best Actor (Short)
Leon Miguel IFFM 2016 Best Actor (Short)

Some of the latest works that has caught the attention of international film festivals is Leon Miguel's starring role in Mang Abe's Ube,[6][7] a modern-day folktale about a Filipino ube farmer trying to protect his magical source of success from corporate crooks, directed by Paolo Bitanga.[8] Leon Miguel is currently premiering "EJK" (Extra-Judicial Killing), a timely and political film narrative by Red Carpet Philippines at Greenbelt 1, Cinema 2, Ayala Center, Makati.

Leon Miguel was featured in the November 2014 issue of Manila Bulletin titled "International filmfest veteran is proudly from Masbate".[9]

Early careerEdit

In a span of a little over a decade, Leon Miguel's career in the entertainment world was more than the typical story of an artist struggling to survive. He was into films, theatre, television shows and television commercial ads, practically accepting every possible role that he can get his hands into concentrating rather intently in sharpening his skills as an actor and learning the ropes and nuances of the industry.

He broke into international scenes through movies and television presentations appearing in American, Japanese and Italian movies shot in the Philippines. Such American movies were: In the Name of the Queen (1996) of NCRV/TEWES Production and directed by Bram Van Erkel, portraying the “Djahat Warrior” (Indonesian); Behind Enemy Lines (1998) of Philippine Film Studio, Inc. (PFSI) and directed by Mark Griffiths, playing as the “Vietnamese Gangster Leader;” Legacy (1998) of Star Pacific International Productions and directed by T.J. Scott, doing the role of a “Cambodian Rebel Leader,” together with David Hasselhoff and Rod Steiger; and Going Back (2000), of GFT Films, Inc. and directed by Sydney Furie, portraying as the “Vietnamese Thief,” together with the lead actor, Casper Van Dien.

Exotic Asian rolesEdit

Leon Miguel was remarked by many, to have an exotic Asian face and notable acting fitted for various Asian and native roles, which made him greatly preferred by international directors and producers. He was involved in various notable Filipino films. Among the local films were, Mulanay Sa Pusod Ng Paraiso (1996) directed by Gil Portes, Kamada (1997) directed by Raymond Red, and My Guardian Debil (1998). He appeared in Ara Mina's Nag-Aapoy Na Laman (2000) as “Chupon,” directed by Don Escudero, as well as in Bala Ko Ang Bahala Sa Iyo (2001), Rosario 18 (2001), Utang Ni Tatang (2002), Batas Ng Lansangan (2002), Bakat (2002), Lapu-Lapu (2002), Operation Balikatan (2003) and Paraiso (2005), where he did distinctive roles such as: kanto boy (Street Toughie), siga (Toughie), syndicate member, school worker, youngster’s hoodlum, snatcher, hitman, rapist, bangkero (boatman), and rebel roles (Katipunero, Hukbalahap).

He was the guerilla named “Juan” in Concerto (2008), a Cinemalaya finalist directed by Paul Alexander Morales; as well as portrayed “Lobo” in Panahon Na (2009) and “Farmer” in Pendong (2010), both directed by Sean Lim and under Oxin Films. Further, he was a “Gangster,” in Third World Happy (2010) with Sam Milby as the lead actor, of CinemaOne/Brass Knuckers Inc., under the direction of Edward James Salcedo; the “Rebel” in CinemaOne Originals, Tsardyer (2010) directed by Sigfried Barros-Sanchez; and depicted the role of “Baloy” in Isda (Fable of the Fish) 2011 Cinemalaya entry, directed by Adolf Alix, Jr. In July 2012, he portrayed as Guerilla (Filipino soldier) in Death March, another film directed by Adolf Alix, Jr.

Television commercialsEdit

Leon Miguel also did several television commercial advertising as a Katipunero in KKK (Andres Bonifacio) (1998), and Isang Bandilla (Emilio Aguinaldo) (1998) for the Philippine Centennial Celebration. He was also the lead actor Katipunero in the Duty Free Centennial Presentation (2010) directed by Raymond Red. He also appeared in San Miguel Beer (2004), SMB Vietnam Setting commercial, Metro Bank (2004), Blend 45 (2005), SMB Walng Kupas (2005), Oracle (2006) and Touch Mobile (2008). He as well portrayed as a Chavacano Fisherman, in an intrusion project of GMA Channel 7 and Globe Company, in the music video Believe used as a Station ID for the Peace and Unity information-dissemination drive.

He was also featured in a Talk & Text (Hati) (2010) commercial, Snitch Choco Bar (Rockers Dream) (2010), Head & Shoulders (2010), Project Building Medicine TVC (2010), and Ayos Dito Rocker TVC.[10]



Year Title Role Director
2017 Stateside Kevin Marcial Chavez
2016 Fall Guy Leon Fritz Silorio
2016 The Call of our forefathers Sultan Kudarat Angelo Carpio
2016 Hangyo Brando Willan Rivera
2016 Katok ng pagbabago Drug Dealer Arnold Santos Argaño
2016 Haplos Blind Father Blasgil Taquilut
2016 Snake Eyes Blind Gambler Benigno Moreno
2016 Galit na aso Homeless Man Ankit Rawat
2015 Empasee Bar Owner Christian Paolo Lat
2015 Hawi Boxer Trainor Shilton Calamaba
2015 Stranger Danger The Torturer Shilton Calamaba
2015 Isla Sindicate Leader Santiago Larrauri
2015 Redlights Taxi Driver Christian Paolo LaT
2015 Fourth World Trafficker David Bolt
2015 Kid Kulafu CHDF Soldier Paul Soriano
2015 Quira Chief Euba Breech Qiuncy
2014 Maratabat Fredo The Traitor Arlyn Dela Cruz
2013 El Peste Romansa[11] “Ron” The Rockstar Richard Somes
2013 Metro Manila[12] The White-eyed Man Sean Ellis
2013 Sabine Manuelo
2012 Palitan Leon
2012 Pantalan Repair man Hannah Laya Resurreccion
2012 GraceLand: A Life for Every Lie[13] Visel Ron Morales
2012 Paglaya sa tanikala Leon
2011 Mami Beggar Gregg Rodriguez III
2011 Isda (Fable of the Fish) Baloy Adolf Alix Jr.
2011 Ang Panday 2 Taumbayan
2011 Captive Abu Sayaff Brillante Mendoza
2010 Third World Happy Gangster Edward James Salcedo
2010 Pendong Farmer Sean Lim
2010 Emergency Call Outlaw
2010 Regalo Ron (Child Trafficker) Carlo Alvarez
2010 Tsardyer Rebel Sigfried Barros-Sanchez
2010 Tulak (Short Film) Second Lead
2010 Idlip Tamaw Blake Sarion
2009 Harang/ The Barrier (Short Film) Carjacker Mikhail Red
2009 Panahon Na Lobo Sean Lim
2008 Infected Island The Islander Guy
2008 Subject: I Love You Man 1 (Abu Sayaff) Francis de la Torre
2008 Disarmed/Special Ops Tomagan Tom Shell
2008 Pedro (Short Film) Pedro Regeene Ho
2008 Concert Juan Paul Alexander Morales
2005 Paraiso Gangster
2004 The Passion of Love Warrior Prince Bruno Matte
2003 Land of Death Native Tribesman Leader Bruno Matte
2003 Operasyon Balikatan NPA Leader
2002 Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu’s Man
2002 Bakat Gasoline boy
2002 Utang ni Tatang Siga
2002 Lord of Creations/Midnight Festival Tribesman Toto Natividad
2002 Shattered Dreams Thai Drug Pusher Antonino Valerie
2001 Bala Ko ang Bahala Sayo Don Escudero
2001 Rosario 18 Kanto boy Don Escudero
2000 Nag-aapoy Na Laman Chupon Don Escudero
2000 Going Back Vietnamese Thief Sydney Furie
1998 Legacy Cambodian Rebel Leader T.J. Scott
1998 Behind Enemy Lines Vietnamese Gangster Leader Mark Griffiths
1997 Kamada Raymond Red
1996 Mulanay sa Pusod ng Paraiso Gil Portes


Year Title Role Director
2014 Dynamic Trio Voltplex KQ, Reload Plus & Respigen 15[14] Cock Fighter Buddy Gargancia
2014 Ayos Dito[15] Rockstar Alex Breckman
2014 Amtyl 500[16] Farm Owner Buddy Gargancia
2014 BDO[17] Music Store Owner - Dj Joel Limchoc
2013 EQ Diaper[18] Lead Actor - Lapu-Lapu Mike Alcazarrel
2010 Project Building Medicine TVC - Saridon[19] Carpenter Joel Limchoc
2010 Head And Shoulders Business man Joel Limchoc
2010 Snicth Choco Bar[20] Rockers Dream Carlo Derecto
2010 Talk And Text(Hati) Store Owner
2008 Believe Abu Sayaff
2006 Oracle Hacker Raffy Dejada
2005 Blend 45 Farmer Dindo Angeles
2004 San Miguel Beer Farmer Peque Galyaga
2004 Metro Bank Business man Vitorio Romero
1998 Isand Bandila (Philippine Centennial Celebration) Katipunero Vitorio Romero
1998 KKK Katipunero Vitorio Romero


Year Title Role Director
2012 Broken Vow Artemio Omar Deroca
2011 Amaya Balong Mac Alejandre
2011 Pueblo Sombra Fisher man Lori Reyes
2010 Panday Kids Shaman Mark Reyes
2010 Pidol’s Wonderland Hector Erik Quizon
2010 Barangay Aswang Camera man Lori Reyes
2010 Halimaw sa Tuod Lori Reyes
2010 Nag-Simula sa Puso Ben
2010 Daisy Syete – Bebe & Me Roman Rowel Camen
2010 Hoy!Hoy! Syokoy Fisherman Lori Reyes
2009 Tinderella Rowel Camen
2009 Zorro Pirate Mark Reyes
2009 Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa aking Tadyang Car Dealer Domique Zapata
2009 Multo Sa Pabrika Shoe Maker Lori Reyes
2009 Nuno sa Punso Constraction Forema Lori Reyes
2008 Daisy Syete – Ulingling (Season 18) Hit man Rowel Camen
2007 Fantastic Man Robber Lori Reyes
2007 Fantastic kids Shaman Mark Reyes
2007 Kamandag Tadik Mark Reyes
2007 Maalaala mo kaya Manobo Warrior Ricky Davao
2006 Babangon ako’t dudurugin kita Fredo Joel Lamangan
2005 Encantadia Warrior Mark Reyes
2005 NBI Files Muslin Albert Cortez
2004 Te Amo Berto Khris Adalia
2004 Philippine Most Wanted Gangster Jon Red
2003 Forever in my heart Fisher man Khris Adalia
2003 Kabalikat Fisher man
2002 GMA True Stories Xoxi Topacio
2001 Habang kapiling ka
2000 Mother Studio Presents NPA Mario Jay Delos Reyes
2000 Diwa Ermano Puli Mel Chonglo
2000 Hiraya Manawari Kalikasan Noel Anonuevo
2000 Twin Hearts Kidnapper Gil Tejada
2001 Kirara Manoah Rowel Camen
2000 Deltierro Leon Rowel Camen
1994 Bisperas ng Kasaysayan Katipunero(Introducing) Lupia, Yashiwara


Year Title Role Director
2009 Sakay Sakay George Vail Kabrestante
2006 Lapu-lapu Lapu-lapu Joe Gruta
2005 No Exit Kamatayan Abdel Langit
2003 Indio Anakbanua Indio Abdel Langit
2002-2004 Noli Me Tangere Elias Xoxi Topacio
2001 Senakulo Christ Raffy Tejada
1999 El Filibusterismo Kabesang Tales Jake De Asis


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